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Flavin AP106 GI 19

AP Ch 18 Digestive System 2019

The correct sequence of organs that food passes through during digestion? pharnyx, esophagus, stomach, and duodenum
The layers of the alimentary canal are made up of: mucosa, muscularis, and serosa
Cholelithiasis are: gallstones
The end product of protein digestion is: amino acids
Mechanical digestion is: mastication
GERD gastroesephageal reflux disease
The emulsifying agent that helps to digest fats is known as: bile
mouth The oral cavity is aka:
The roof of the mouth is formed by: hard palate and soft palate
A downward projection of the soft palate is the: Uvula
Lingual frenulum fold of mucous membrane that helps anchor the tongue to the floor of the mouth
The taste buds are found in the: papillae
The first tooth erupts at approx what age? 6 months
6 years of age is when the first_________________ tooth erupts. permanent
Gum disease (gum inflammation) is aka: gingivitis
The most common form of mouth cancer is: Squamous cell carcinoma
Thrush is: aka as oral candidiasis- caused by yeastlike fungal organism
The salivary glands produce ____ a day. 1 Liter
Digestion begins in the: mouth
The pharynx is aka: Throat
The larynx is aka: The voice box
The esophagus is: A muscular, mucus-lined tube about 10 inches long.
A hiatal hernia is: when the stomach pushes through the hiatus, or gap, of the diaphragm. (causing acidic stomach contents to bypass the LES and go up the esophagus.
The study of the GI system is: gastroenterology
Stomach cancer can be associated with: excessive consumption of alcohol or preserved food, use of chewing tobacco, and infection by H. Pylori
The 3 sections of the small intestines are: duodenum, jejunum, and ileum
Liver I am the organ responsible for secreting bile. I am the largest gland.
Jaundice A yellowish skin color that develops from bile pigments being absorbed into the blood.
Hepatitis Inflammation of the liver
Cirrhosis Describes degeneration of the liver. Healthy tissue is replaced by fibrous and fatty tissue.
Deglutition swallowing
Created by: Iteach4Docs