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History and Trends

Army M6 ASI Notes for Phase I -T1

two patron saints of nurses from middle ages St. John of God &St. Camillus
who started the sign which the red cross now uses St. Camillus
What year was the first nurse given a diploma? 1873
who was the first nurse given a diploma?aka "the first trained nurse" Linda Richards
Who trained the and gave a diploma to the first trained nurse? Dr. Dimock(female)
which civilization first showed evidence of nursing? Babylonia
when was the first nursing school for women started in Texas? March 10, 1890
The first two nursing school for men in NY were... Mills schools for Nursing & St. Vincent's Hospital School for Men
In 1901 the Army Nurse corp was formed and only women could serve as nurses. During what war were men again allowed to serve as nurses. The Korean War
Considered the founder of modern nursing, remembered as a reformer of hospital sanitation. Florence Nightingale(aka the lady with the lamp)
Formed the American Association of the Red Cross in 1881 after seeing the conditions on the battlefield. Clara Barton
Inspired legislators in 15 U.S. states and in Canada to establish state hospitals for the mentally ill. Dorothea Lynde Dix
She was an innovator in the collection, tabulation, interpretation, and graphical display of descriptive statistics. Florence Nightingale
Cared for the ill and wounded black or white on both sides during the Civil War, Called the Angel of the battlefield Clara Barton
She was the first U.S. Army nurse.During the Civil War was an untrained nurse who was appointed to be the superintendent of women nurses for all military hospitals Dorothea Lynde Dix
First African American professional nurse to graduate in the U.S. Mary Eliza Mahoney
TSG directed that a 48 week Practical Nurse coursefor the enlisted be established in what year 1950
when did 91C become an ASI for the 91W MOS October 2001
In 1941 this group led to more education and respect for the practical nurses NAPNES- National Association of Practical Nurse Education and Service
NFLPN- National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses offers membership for licensed or student PN/VN
who was Linda Richards instructor Dr. Dimock (also female)
Created by: idabi2