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Chapter 19 AP Euro

AP European Chapter 19 Vocabulary

Capitalism Economic theory of maintaining balance of exports and imports. The opposite of socialism and communism.
Cosmopolitanism Urban growth during the agricultural revolution. It dealt with the migration from rural to urban areas.
"General Will" Betterment of the community. Founded by Rousseau, he felt that this determines a country's course in economics and politics.
William Hogarth English painter. Marriage a la Mode.
"Natural History" Written by Buffon, discussed scientific matters.
Physiocrats Opponents of mercantilism and Colbertism in particular. Led by Francois Quesnay. Felt the need for a strong independent republic.
Adam Smith Scottish professor of philosophy. Developed the idea of free enterprise, critical of mercantilism. Advocated laissez-faire economics. Wrote Wealth of Nations in 1776.
Jethro Tull English inventor advocated the use of horses instead of oxen. Developed the seed drill and selective breeding.
Enclosure movement 18th century English movement, marked the rise of market oriented estate.
Created by: mr.bradley