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Chapter 17 AP Euro

AP European Chapter 17 Vocabulary

War of Austrian Succession (1740-48)Conflict caused by the rival claims for the dominions of the Habsburg family. Before the death of Charles VI, Holy Roman emperor and archduke of Austria, many European powers had guaranteed that Charles's daughter Maria Theresa would succeed him
Junkers Members of the Prussian landed aristocracy, a class formerly associated with political reaction and militarism.
Pragmatic Sanction Issued by Charles VI of Austria in 1713 to assure his daughter Maria Theresa gained the throne.
Charles VI (r. 1711-40) Obsessed with keeping the Habsburg empire together, issued the Pragmatic Sanction. No male heir so the empire passed to Maria Theresa.
Maria Theresa (r. 1740-1780) Won the War of Austrian Succession after defeating Frederick II of Prussia, but losing Silesia.
Romanovs Russian dynasty, started with Michael Romanov after the Time of Troubles and lasted until the revolution in 1917 and the execution of Nicholas II.
Hohenzollern German royal family who ruled Brandenburg from 1415 and later extended their control to Prussia (1525). Under Frederick I (ruled 1701-1713) the family's possessions were unified as the kingdom of Prussia.
Frederick William the Great Elector First man who made modern Prussia.
Boyars Land owning aristocracy in early Russia.
Dvorianie Established by Peter the Great, they received land and control of the peasants
Muscovy A former principality in west-central Russia.Centered on Moscow, it was founded c.1280, existed separately until the 1500’s, when it was united with another principality to form the start of the early Russian empire.The name was used to expanded territory
Magyars Land owning aristocracy in Hungary.
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