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Med. Records Abbr.

abd abdominal
adl activities of daily living
ausc auscultation
B.M. bowel movement
bp blood pressure
Ca. cancer; carcinoma; calcium
CC chief complaint
C.N.S. Central Nervous System
CPE/PE complete physical exam
DOB date of birth
Dx, diag. diagnosis
EENT eyes, ears, nose, throat
E.N.T. ear, nose and throat
F.Hx family history
F.H.R. fetal heart rate
G.B. gall bladder
G.I. gastrointestinal
Grav # of pregnancies
Grav. I primigravida
Grav. II secundigravida
HA headache
IQ intelligence quotient
K.U.B. kidneys, ureters, bladder
L&W living and well
L.L.Q. left lower quadrant
LMP last menstrual period
L.U.Q. left upper quadrant
med. medium
multip. pregnant woman who has borne one child
N.A.D. no appreciable disease
N.Y.D. not yet diagnosed
op. operation
P.A. pernicious anaemia; posterior/anterior
para # of viable (live) births
percuss. Percussion
P.Hx past history
P.I. present illness
P.I.D. pelvic inflammatory disease
primip. woman bearing her first child
prog. prognosis
pt. patient
R. right
ref. dr. referring doctor
R.H.D. Rheumatic Heart Disease
R.L.Q. right lower quadrant
R/O rule out
R.U.Q. right upper quadrant
Rx therapy; prescription
SHx social history
Tb. tuberculosis
T.P.R., TPR temperature, pulse, respirations
Tx treatment
U.R.I. upper resperatory (tract) infections
vag. vagina
VD, V.D. venereal disease
Vit. vitamin
W.D., WD well-developed (eg. baby, infant)
W.M., WM. white male
W.F., WF white female
WN. well nourished
wt. weight
Wr., W.R. Wassermann Reaction
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