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Med 120

The principal reason for requesting feedback when communicating with patients is to determine whether they ? C. Understand what is being said
The principal message you will give an American patient if you avoid eye contact while communicating is that you ? D. Are not telling the truth
Which statement is false with regard to the interpretation of gestures and body language that you may encounter a mind the patients in a medical setting? A. They are less significant then verbal communication
The stage in Maslows Hiearchy of needs in which we maximize our potential is ? A. Self-Actualization
A legal instrument that authorizes a person to act as the agent of the grantor is called a ? A. Power of attorney
An informed consent form must address which of the following ? D. All of the above
Criminal law governs violations of the law that are punishable as offenses against B. The state or government
Local governments create and enact? C. Ordinances
A major crime, such as rape, murder, or burglary is classified as a(n)? A. Felony
Medical liability cases can stem from ? All of the above
Which of the following is not a requirement for a valid, legal contract? B. The contract must be in writing
Generally, a subpoena duces tecum should be filed no less than _____ days before a trial ? C. 15
The performance of an act that is wholly wrongful and unlawful is called ? A. Malfeasance
Negligence must be B. Proven
Which of the following elements is necessary for informed consent ? D. All of the above
The most sacred trust that patients place in physicians and their staff members is ? C. Confidentiality
Public medical facilities must allow individuals with disabilities to easily and safely? D. All of the above
To withdraw protection or support or to discontinue medical care without proper notice is called ? B. Abandonment
The person bringing a case or legal action to court of the ? C. Plaintiff
Presumed consent is also called ______ consent? C. Implied
A solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath is called ? B. Testimony
Which of the following is not a type of civil law ? A. Misdemeanor
Medical assistants gathering payment information before an appointment is scheduled is an example of ? A. Contract law
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