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Do I have a Right?

Interpreting the Bill of Rights

5th Amendment Luke was found innocent of armed robbery, but the state decided to bring him to trial again anyway.
8th Amendment After being found quilt of driving while intoxicated, the court ordered that Carolyn spend the next 30 years in solitary confinement.
1st Amendment The citizens of Flower Mound voted to double the taxes of all Catholics.
7th Amendment In a civil trial where the dispute was more than $20, both sides were denied a jury trial
4th Amendment For no apparent reason, the police stopped Rita while she was driving and began to search through her car trunk and personal luggage.
2nd Amendment The U.S. attorney general ordered all American citizens to turn in their rifles and pistols by noon on Saturday.
8th Amendment Judge M.T. Nasty ordered a doctor to cut off the right hand of Marty, a convicted pickpocket.
10th Amendment The federal government decided that state governments were no longer necessary.
9th Amendment The president declared that the only rights Americans have are those listed in the first eight amendments.
1st Amendment A United States representative prohibited a local newspaper from printing an editorial that was critical of her record.
3rd Amendment During peacetime the army ordered the residents of Lewisville to house its soldiers
1st Amendment A group of leaders was told that it could not conduct a peaceful rally in the town square.
6th Amendment Henry was arrested for shoplifting but was not brought to trial for five years.
5th Amendment The judge insisted that the defendant take the stand and explain his actions on the night of the alleged crime.
4th Amendment The police decided to place a "bug" in Kevin's home telephone in the hope that they would uncover some kind of crime.
1st Amendment Congress passed a law banning the practice of Buddhism in the United States.
10th Amendment Congress told the state of Montana that it would no longer be able to issue marriage licenses.
6th Amendment Melissa was arrested and placed in jail without being informed of the nature or cause of the accusation.
6th Amendment After being charged with arson, Nathaniel was denied the right of counsel for his defense.
8th Amendment Judge Stone placed Kyle's bail for cheating on a 8th grade history exam at $500,000
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