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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
It's All an Act Causes of the American Revolution- No Taxation without Representation U.S. History 2017-12-13 davissl 17 1 edit
Unit 2:Revolutionary 8th Grade American Revolution U.S. History 2017-10-23 davissl 97 0 edit
Unit 3: 8th Grade Confederation to Constitution U.S. History 2017-10-23 davissl 104 1 edit
Do I have a Right? Interpreting the Bill of Rights U.S. History 2017-10-23 davissl 20 0 edit
TX History Ch.1 Understanding Social Studies Social Studies 2017-10-24 davissl 50 0 edit
TX History Ch.3 Regions of Texas Social Studies 2017-10-24 davissl 35 0 edit
TX History Ch. 4 The Early People of Texas Social Studies 2017-10-25 davissl 32 0 edit
TX History Ch. 2 Place and time : Natural Resource Social Studies 2017-12-13 davissl 47 0 edit
TX History Ch. 5 Early Explorers of Texas Social Studies 2017-12-13 davissl 17 0 edit
TX History Ch. 10 Steps Toward Independence Social Studies 2017-12-13 davissl 51 0 edit
UNIT 4: NEW NATION 8TH GRADE US HISTORY U.S. History 2017-12-13 davissl 90 1 edit
Texas History Review 7th grade Texas History Midterm Review Social Studies 2018-01-16 davissl 100 1 edit
TX History Review 7th grader Texas History Midterm Review II Social Studies 2017-12-20 davissl 12 0 edit
Texas History Review 7th grader Texas History Midterm Review III Social Studies 2017-12-20 davissl 31 0 edit
UNIT 5-C REVIEW Unit 5 C Review Unfinished 2018-03-09 davissl 53 0 edit
UNIT 1 - 8th grade Colonial Era Unfinished 2018-09-13 davissl 86 0 edit
2nd semester Review 8th grade 2nd Semester Final review Unfinished 2019-05-06 davissl 49 0 edit

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