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Chap. 22 - Ms. V

Roaring Twenties

Warren G Harding Republican President 1920 "return to normalcy" Administration full of scandal Died in 1923 - heart attack
Calvin Coolidge Harding's VP President in 1924 Had to clean up Harding's mess
Disarmament The reduction or limitation of military armaments
Communism An economic and political system in which the state owns the means of production and a single party rules
Anarchists People who oppose all organized government
Sacco and Vanzetti 2 Italian immigrants charged with robbing and murdering 2 payroll employees in Manhatten. Little evidence to prove guilt. Convicted anyways because they were foreigners
Immigration Policy Only a certain percentage of population that is already here can immigrate to the United States from Eastern and Southern Europe
Prohibition A total ban on alcoholic drinks
Bootleggers Liquor smugglers made huge profits from importing illegal alcohol
Speakeasies Illegal taverns that served liquor
21st Amendment Repealed prohibition 1923 (18th amendment) due to increase in organized crime
19th Amendment 1920 women have the right to vote
Flappers Young women in 1920s bright make up short skirts and short bob cut hair
Henry Ford introduced the assembly line making the model t affordable to the middle class family
KKK Ku Klux Klan white anglo-saxon protestants
Great Migration Trend where african-americans moved to the cities in the north
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