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Holzshu Constitution

The Articles of Confederation and Constitution

Executive Branch Carries out the Law
Judicial Branch Interprets the Law
Legislative Branch Makes the Law
Articles of Confederation First attempt to set up the nation.
Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation Couldn’t tax and set up a weak Federal Government.
Constitutional Convention In Philadelphia, PA, Washington was elected President and 9 of the 13 states ratified the Constitution.
Bill of Rights First 10 Amendments written by James Madison.
Checks and Balances Separation of powers keeps one branch from having too much power.
Federalism Set up a Shared power between state & national government.
Constitutional Convention Goal led to the effort to draft a new constitution.
The Great Compromise Decided how many votes each state would have in the Senate and the House of Representatives
Virginians All of the first five presidents were ________ except John Adams.
Benjamin Banneker African American astronomer and surveyor, helped complete the design for the city.
The War of l812 caused European nations to gain respect for the United States.
John Adams A two-party system emerged during his
James Madison The main author of the constitution
Thomas Jefferson He bought Louisiana from France (Louisiana Purchase).
Why draft a new Constitution Weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation
Philadelphia, PA The location of the first capital of the United States
James Monroe President who demanded that Europe stay out of the US and Western Hemisphere's affairs...Leave us alone!
George Washington Federal court system was established and The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.
Why draft a new Constitution Weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation
President Leader of the National Executive Branch.
Supreme Court Leaders of the National Judicial Branch.
Congress Leaders of the National Legislative Branch.
First attempt to set up a government. Articles of Confederation
World's longest running democracy set up in this document. Constitution
Congress Made up of the House of Representatives and Senate.
Senate Two senators come from each state (100 total).
Created by: erichholzshu