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Anatomy exam II pelvis

The ___ pelvis is the false pelvis greater
The ____ pelvis is the true pelvis lesser
What are the 4 functions of the pelvis? 1. support of abdmominal and pelvic viscera 2. protection of pelvic viscers 3. locomotion 4. parturition (females)
The bony pelvis is formed by the ___ ___ , ___ and ____ os coxae, sacrum, coccyx
What are the 3 parts of the os coxae ilium; ischium; pubis
The 3 parts of the pelvic inlet? 1. sacral promontory 2. sacral alae 3. linea terminalis
The 5 parts of the pelvic outlet? 1. pubic symphysis 2. ischiopubic rami 3. ischial tuberosities 4. sacrotuberous ligament 5. coccyx
The ____ ligament is found on the anterior surface of the sacrum to ischial spine sacrospinous
The ____ ligament is found on the lateral margin of the sacrum to ischial tuberosity sacrotuberous
The ligaments of the pelvis work to prevent the sacrum from being pushed ____ and rotated ____ inferiorly; anteriorly
What are the 3 ligaments of the sacroiliac joint? 1. anterior SI ligament 2. interosseous SI ligament 3. posterior SI ligament
The ____ can be thought of as a bowl-shaped area with walls and a floor made up of muscles and bony structures pelvic cavity
The ____ of the pelvic cavity is open and continuous with the abdominal cavity roof
The ____ tendon leaves through lesser sciatic foramen, makes a 90° bend around ischium (between ischial spine and ischial tuberosity) obterator internus
What is the action of the obterator internus? ER of the lower limb
What is the function of the piriformis? ER of the lower limb
What are the 3 parts of the pelvic diaphragm- levator ani? 1. iliococcygeus 2. pubococcygeus 3. puborectal
What is the nerve supply for the obturator internus? L5 adn S1
What is the nerve supply for the piriformis? L5-S2
What is the nerve supply for the levator ani? S4 and inferior rectal nerves
What is vesicoureteric reflux? where the urine flows back into the ureter
The ____ is continuous w/ sigmoid colon proximally (begins at about S3 vertebral level) and the anal canal distally rectum
When feces enters the rectum it stimulates the desire to ____ defecate
The ____ is where the external anal sphincter is fused with the puborectalis rectal sling
The ____ is contuniation of te rectum anal canal
The primary blood supply to the pelvis and perineum is the ____ iliac artery internal
What are the 3 arteries of the postior divison of the internal iliac artery? 1. iliolumbar 2. lateral sacral 3. superior gluteal
What are the 3 parts of the somatic pelvis plexus? 1. lumbar plexus 2. sacral plexus 3. coccygeal plexus
What are the 2 parts of the visceral pelvis plexus? 1. pelvic splanchnic nerves 2. hypogastric plexuses
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