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Stack #26326

Mod A Unit 1 Words Thompson Institute hbg

abras/o rub
albin/o white
alopec/o baldness
cerumin/o earwax
crypt/o hidden
cutane/o skin
cyan/o bluish
-cyte cell
derm/o skin
diaphor/o sweat
ecchym/o bruise
epi- upon,on
erythem/o redness
-esis condition of
furuncul/o boil
gangren/o dead
hemangi/o blood vessel
-ia condition of, pertaining to
-itis inflammation
lacer/o torn
lip/o fat
melan/o black
myc/o fungus
nev/o mole
onych/o fingernail or toenail
-oma tumor
-osis disease
petechi/o small hemorrhages of skin
prurit/o itch
seb/o wax
sub- below
-us thing
xanth/o yellow
xer/o dry
cyanosis a bluish discoloration of the skin
diaphoresis profuse sweating
ecchymosis bruise
hemangioma a benign tumor that consists of blood vessels
lipocyte a fat cell
nevus mole
onychocryptosis ingrown nail
onychomycosis a fungal infection of nails
petechiae small hemorrhages of the skin
subcutaneous tissue fatty layer of skin
pruritus itching
xanthoderma yellowness of the skin
xeroderma severe dry skin
abrasion scraping or rubbing away of skin
abcess a collection of pus in any body part
albino deficiency of pigment
alopecia baldness
cellulitis acute infection of the skin & subcutaneous tissues
cerumen ear wax
comedo acne
cyst a closed sac that contains fluid
dermis 2nd layer of skin, aka corium
epidermis outermost layer of skin
erythema redness of skin
furuncle boil
gangrene death of tissues
laceration tear in the skin
melanin a dark pigment
polyp a small stalk-like growth
sebaceous gland secretes an oily substance
sebum the oily substance
Created by: shady123