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Diseases Ch 1-6

Diseases and Treatments

Upper Respiratory Infection Bacterial or Viral infection of the nose or throat. Also known as the Common Cold. Treatment - Antibiotic Drugs for bacterial infection
Asthma Hyperactivity of the bronchi and bronchioles. Inflammation and swelling that narrows the lumen. Triggered by allergens, chemicals, cold air or stress. Treatment - corticosteroid drugs, brochodilator drugs or Oxygen.
Bronchitis Acute or chronic inflammation or infection of the bronchi. Treatment: Bronchodilator drugs or corticosteroid drugs or antibiotics for bacterial infection.
Pulmonary Embolism Blockage of a pulmonary artery or one of its branches by a embolus (occluding plug). Treatment: Oxygen Therapy or thrombolytic drugs
TB Tuberculosis - Lung infection caused by bacteria and spread by airborne droplets and coughing. Resistant to regular antibiotic drugs
Pleurisy Inflammation or infection of the pleura (lung membrane) due to pneumonia, trauma or tumor. Treatment: correct the underlying cause.
Cyanosis bluish-gray discoloration of the skin because of very low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues.
Anemia Decrease in the number of erythrocytes. (Examples: Pernicious Anemia - Lack of Vitamin B12; Sickle Cell Anemia - caused by an inherited genetic abnormality of an amino acid in hemoglobin)
AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - Caused by HIV virus. Treatment: Antiretroviral drugs. ELISA - First screening test done for HIV. Western Blot: Used to confirm positive ELISA.
Dyspepsia Integestion
Peptic Ulcer Chronic Inflammation, burning pain and erosion of the mucosa to form an ulcer.
Diverticulitis Feces trapped inside diverticulum that causes inflammation and infection.
IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Chronic Inflammation of small and large intestines. Treatment: Corticosteroid drugs to decrease inflammation or surgery to remove the affected area.
IBS Irritable Bowl Syndrome - disorder of the function of the colon. Cramping. diarrhea bloating, Treatment: antidiarrheal drugs or fiber
Polyp Small , fleshy growth in the mucosa of the colon. Treatment: Surgery
Hematochezia Blood in the Feces (Hemat/o - Blood, Chez/o-pass feces, ia -Condition, state or thing
Steatorrhea Undigested fat in the Feces (Steat/o - fat; -rrhea - discharge, flow)
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