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ASM Block 6

The Trigger lock latch consists of what three parts? attachment plate, release button and locking arm.
What opens the latch in the locking arm mechanism? a Spring
Where is the max thickness of the door located on the latch? At the bottom of the latch
What hinge is used when strength is required? Extruded Hinge
What is the hinge pin made of? Steel Rod
When the hinge is installed where must it face on the aircraft? Leading edge
What should you use to prevent damage to the flanges of the hinge when clamping it in a vise? shims.
What are the different types of hinges? Formed hinge and extruded hinge
What fastener is quick and easy and most common? Turn lock fastener
What fastener is for aerodynamic uses? Flush Head
What fastener is used for interior/internal uses? Wing Head
What tool do you use to insert the stud assembly of a style II Camloc fastener into a grommet? Camloc Pliers
What is the most often used receptacle for the style II Camloc fastener ? Floating
What are the main parts of a style III Airloc fastener? stud, cross pin, and receptacle.
What are the four parts of the style II Camloc fastener? Stud assembly, Grommet, Grommet retaining ring, Receptacle.
What are the two types of receptacles? Floating and Fixed
What receptacle requires accurate install? Fixed.
Which TO repair example is normally used if the proper repair materials and equipment are available? preferred
What determines the length of the splice piece? Number of Rivets
What table in TO 1C-130A-3 lists the number of rives required on each side of the cutout? Rivets per inch width
What should be done to ensure correct replacement of parts? index parts
What is the proper amount of clearance on each side of the cutout for the extruded filler? 1/64 to 1/32
The number on the head of a Cherrymax rivet indicates___________ of the sleeve in 1/16th increments max grip length
What is the minimum grip length of a Cherrymax rivet having an 8 on the head of the sleeve? 7/16th
How does the stem of the Cherrymax rivet break off during rivet installation? flush
Are mechanical lock rivets strong enough to be substituted for solid for solid shank rivets? yes
What drives the locking collar on a Cherrymax rivet during installation? Driving Anvil
What prevents the stem from falling out? locking collar
The oversize Cherrymax rivet is has _________________ driving anvil Silver colored
What assures a high clamp-up on the Cherrymax rivet? bulbed blind head
What is the purpose of a Cherrymax rivet? used in areas where there is limited/no access to backside
What color is the nominal Cherrymax rivet driving anvil? gold
What applications would you find Cherrymax rivets? dimpled material and thinsheet
What are the parts of a Cherrymax rivet? stem, stem cone, sleeve, driving anvil, locking collar
What type of tools are used for the install of a Cherrymax rivet? manual operation and pneumatic.
Which publications has the information about nutplates or gang channel nuts? 1-1A-8
What are the two styles of nutplates? stationary and floating
What is a secondary advantage of using a nutplate and screw combination? small size and reduced weight
What is the maximum temp for using elastic type nutplates? 250 degrees
What are the three common designs of nutplates? one lug, two lug, and right angle
What is the purpose of the self-locking systems on nutplates? prevents screw from backing out
A nutplate is designed as having a 10-32 nut. What do the two numbers mean? 1st number is diameter of the screw and 2nd number is the number of threads per inch.
What do we mean by "floating" nutplates? Free floating nut that can move in all directions
What is gang channel nut? Channels that have nuts equally spaced the length of the channel
What is the stock length for gang channel nuts? 72 inches
Hi-Shear rivets are special rivets used for? Shear Loads
What must be more than the combined thickness of the sheets being fastened together on a pin rivet? the grip length
What are the three parts of a hi-shear pin rivet? collar, trimming edge, and pin rivet
The weight of a hi-shear river is approximately__________that of a bolt, nut, and washer combination. 2/5ths weight
An advantage of the hi-shear rivet is that it requires only ____________the time required to install a steel bolt? 1/5th
in determining the right length of a hi-shear pin, the trimming edge of the pin rivet should be ________________or not more than 1/16th inch below the top of the collar even
The collar is composed of what materials? 2117, 2024- T4 ALU Alloy
What is the purpose of the bucking bar when you split a collar with a chisel? Prevent hole from elongating.
What mating hardware is included with the Taper-Lok Fastener? Washer nut assembly
When a taper-lok is properly inserted into a hole, it becomes______________wedged and ________________turn while torque is applied to the nut. tightly and will not
On the taper-lock bolt, where does it indicate grip length and in what measurement ? End of the shank/ 1/16ths measurements
What kind of strength does the Taper-Lok provide? Superior Joint strength
Can you substitute the Taper-Lok with any fastener? no
What are the measurements of the Jo-Bolt in grip lengths and diameters? 1/16th increments/ diameters from 1/8th-3/8th
What head styles are Jo-Bolts available in? Protruding and counter sunk head styles
What are the 4 parts of the Jo-Bolt fastener? Screw/bolt, drive nut, nut, blind sleeve
What forms the shop head of a Jo-Bolt? the nut being held while the screw/bolt is turned.
Does the Jo-Bolt install procedures require access to the backside of the work area? no
The two parts of a Hi-Lok are? Pin and collar
The head styles available on the HI-Loks are? countersunk and protruding head.
The install tools for hi-Loks are? Wrenching device and allen wrench
Two types of tools used for removal of Hi-Loks are? Allen Key and slip joint pliers or vise grips.
What are the three main parts of the blind bolt? serrated pin, locking collar, sleeve
What feature of the blind bolt prevents vibration of the rivet producing a FOD free installation? mechanically locked
If the grip length indicated on the head of the blind blot is a 5 what is the minimum allowable grip length of the material to be fastened? 4/16
If a Mechanical lock blind bolt was removed leaving the rivet hole enlarged, what diameter blind bolt may be installed in the hole? 1/64th bigger
What units of measurement are the diameters and lengths of the blind bolt given in? 1/32nd increments for diameter and 1/16ths for length.
A blind bolts manufactured head comes with three markings. What are they? Grip length, manufactures mark, and material code
Why are Mechanical lock blind bolts successfully used in areas where there is a risk of FOD? Material is fastened is contained with a single element (locking collar) so that there is no possibility for the components to come loose.
What specific area of an aircraft can CRES blind bolt be installed where temps can climb to as high as 1200 degrees F? Engine areas.
Which method of blind bolt removal is less likely to damage the hole? preferred method
What situations would prevent the preferred method of blind bolt removal from being used? non-availability of tools or physical restrictions
Where can the part numbers and fastener info be located? TO 1-1A-8
What is the purpose of a flush patch? Plug an existing hole.
What are two classes of acft skin repairs? Stressed skin (load bearing) and Non stressed skin (non-load bearing)
What are two substructural repair methods on Sub Structural members? Preferred and Alternate
How do you protect the substructure when removing damage? Use scrap stainless steel or titanium scrap metal behind the damage but in front of the substructure.
What is a filler made from? The same material and gauge as the orignal.
What is the tolerance (gap) of the filler to the skin? 1/64 to 1/32
What is meant by preferred repair? Used if proper materials and equipment are available
What is meant by alternate repair? Used when proper materials or equipment are not available.
How should the splice piece fit over the stringer in a substructural repair? nested fit
How should you start the assembly of a substructural repair? From inside out
What TO will you use for in a substructural repair? appropriate airframe -3 TO
When are Cherrymax rivets usually used? when access to areas on the backside are limited or not accessible.
What is another term for Cherrymax rivets? Mechanical Lock Blind Rivet
What sizes are Cherrymax rivets available in? Nominal and oversize
What type of head is produced on a Cherrymax rivet when installed? Bulbed shaped.
Where is the max grip length annotated on a Cherrymax rivet? on fastener head
How is the max grip length measured? in 1/16th of an inch
What is the min grip length of a Cherrymax rivet? 1/16th of an inch less
What is the removal procedure of a Cherrymax rivet? file if necessary, center punch stem, drill out locking collar, shear and pry out locking collar, drill just enough in the head to pry off, pry off rivet, tap shank out
What is the purpose of a nut plate? provides secure fastening device for use in blind ares
What type of gang channels are there? U-Channel and L-Channel
Pull through rivets are used in ___________ applications. nonstructural
What is a pull through rivet consist of? Hollow sleeve spindle
When installing floating nut plates how would you align the nut plate prior to drilling? use a nut plate hole finder using the existing hole locations and draw a line through the center of the screw hole
What applications can Hi-Shear rivets ONLY be used in? shear applications
How far beyond the material can the straight portion of the pin shank protrude? no more than 1/16th of an inch
What is the preferred removal tool of a Hi-Shear rivet? Collar Splitter
What is the alternate removal tool of a Hi-Shear rivet? hammer and chisel
What are some facts about Taper-Loks? Lightweight, high strength, shear or tension bolt
What type of self locking feature do Taper-Loks provide when the pin is installed into the tapered hole? uses friction
What on the washer nut assembly on Taper-Loks allows for variations in grip length? internal counter bore
Where is the grip length located on the Taper-Lok and what is it measured in? stamped on the threaded end of the shank, measured in 1/16th of an inch
What are the three styles of Taper-Loks? flush, protruding, and domed
When are Jo-Bolt fasteners used? used where other fasteners are not practical
What type of strength does a Jo-Bolt have? High shear and tensile strength
What are the parts of a Jo-Bolt? Nut, Threaded alloy steel screw, CRES expandable blind sleeve, disposable drive nut
What a sizes do Jo-Bolts come in? 1/8th-3/8th increasing by 1/32nd of an inch
What increments are the grip lengths of a Jo-Bolt? 1/16th
What type of removal tools are used for a Jo-Bolt? Drill and punch
The Hi-Lok purpose is? Hight strength threaded fastener that combine the best features of a rivet and bolt
What are the primary design advantages of a Hi-Lok? Controlled preload or clamp-up, Min size and weight, simple, quiet, and rapid install.
What keeps the Hi-Lok from spinning when being removed? Hexagonal recess at thread end.
What part of the collar on the Hi-lok fastener allows for variation in grip length? inter counter bore
What part of the Hi-Lok fastener shears at set torque value? Hex wrenching device
What is the most common composition of a Hi-Lok Collar? Aluminum Alloy
What manual install tools are used to install a Hi-Lok fastener? Rachet or open/box end wrench and an allen wrench
During hole prep for a Hi-Lok fastener what is done to accommodate a radius under the protruding head? Chamfer hole
Why is chamfering the hole on the Hi-Lok fastener during hole prep important? Enables fastener to fit tightly in the hole
What is another reference to a mechanical lock blind bolt? Huck
What is the purpose of the mechanical lock blind bolt (Huck)? provides and extremely strong, mechanically secured fastening capability in blind areas
What part of the blind bolt (huck) holds the pin in place? locking collar
What sizes are the blind bolt (huck) available in? nominal and 1/64 oversize
While installing the blind bolt (huck) what do you need to ensure before squeezing trigger? ensure gun is perpendicular to the surface
What is the process to remove the blind bolt? same process as the blind rivet (cherrymax)
What should you do before installing any fastener? check the grip length
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