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NCCT Questions

Which of the following regulations prohibits the submission of a fraudulent claim or making a false statement or representation in connection with a claim? Federal False Claims Act
A Medicare patient presents to an outpatient hospital facility for a scheduled hysterectomy. To which Medicare plan should the facility submit the claim? Part B
When using an EHR system to enter CPT codes on a CMS 1500 claim form for electronic submission, which of the following should be entered on the claim form first? the most resource-intensive procedure or service
Which of the following is the correct procedure for keeping a Workers' Compensation patient's financial and health records when the same physician is also seeing the patient as a private patient? Separate financial health records must be used
The patient has returned to the operating room to aspirate a hematoma that has developed from a surgical procedure performed two days ago. A 16-guage needle is used to aspirate 600 cc's of non-cloudy fluid. Which of the following is the correct CPT code a 10160-78
An established patient is being seen by the physician today. The patient owes $25.00 for the visit. The amount collected for the office visit is called the copayment
Which of the following patient info is needed to determine a Medicaid sliding fee scale? poverty level, number of dependents, salary
When is a referral from a provider required? when contained in the individual policy
Which of the following must be verified to process a credit card transaction? account number, credit card number, security code
Which of the following protects federal healthcare programs from fraud and abuse by healthcare providers who solicit referrals? Anti-Kickback statue
Collecting statistics on the frequency of copay collection at time of service is a step in the process of managing A/R
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