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Mod G Unit 2 Vocab

Ch 3-6

collect in one file all materials pertaining to one subject, patient, etc. collating
med ins plan whic requires pt to pay designated amt of bill co-pay
data relating to descriptive information; age, gender, etc. demographic
electronically transmited document facsimile (fax)
pt condition which may be life threatening if not treated medical emergency
patient fails to show up for appointment no-show
scheduling more than one pt in a single time slot overbooking
employee that greets and assists patients, front desk receptionist
method used in office to provide efficiency scheduling system
to quote an authority citation
fellow member of a profession colleague
to set someone apart or act with prejudice discriminatory
preliminary version of a writing draft
real or imaginary wrong regarded as cause for complaint or resentment grievance
small payment for a service honorarium
trial period during early months of employment probationary period
the standard protocol
person who has been with the organization the longest seniority
having sufficient assets to pay debts solvents
central processing unit CPU
storage for data disk
printers that produce characters using small dots dot matrix printers
magnetic disks with a magnetic oxide coating over a thin slice of plastic used as a storage medium floppy disk
measure of storage capacity or memory kilobite (K)
central processing unit which stores data and program instructions main memory
small computer systems designed to be portable, including desktop, laptop notebook, and hand-held computers microcomputer
computer screen monitor
pointing and selection device mouse
word or phrase that allows access password
output device for hard copy printer
set(s) of programmed instructions that tell the computer hardware what to do in order to complete the required data processing (software) program
reminder or hint prompt
RAM random access memory
ROM read only memory
also a program software
another name for monitor terminal
"provides a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities" Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
deasease producing microorganisms transmitted by blood bloodborne pathogens
methods of standing and lifting objects in order to avoid injury and fatigue body mechanics
capable of burning or eating away tissue caustic
science that deals with people's performance and good health while carrying out job tasks ergonomics
canister used to put out fire fire extinguisher
connected to an electrical current or circuit with the ground through a conductor or other solid connection grounded
written description of an incident incident report
list of articles with a description and quantity of each inventory
require mandate
state of mind of employees with relationship to their work or work environment morale
medication route other than the alimentaqry canal (oral and rectal) parenteral
disease producing microorganisms pathogens
supplier of goods vendor
relating to transmission of disease, exceedingly harmful virulent
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