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FMF (ACE) 124


mission of marine air control group (MACG) to provide operate and maintain the marine air command and control system
mission of macg headquarters to coordinate all aspects of air command and control and air defense within the maw
9 tasks of MACG headquarters (A) provide the command element plan and coordinate the operation, maintenance and supply of the maccs plan and coordinate the air defense operations coordinate with appropriate commands to plan the deployment and employment of the MACG
9 tasks of MACG headquarters (B) coordinate with other services and allies for planning and conducting MAGTF air operations advise ACE commander on applicable matters pertaining to the employment of MACCS Preform command and staff functions conduct operations while in NBC environment
Mission of Marine Tactival Air Control Squadron (MTACS) to provide equipment maintenance and operations for the Tactical Air Command Center (TACC) of the ACE as a component of the MAGTF
9 tasks of an MTACS (A) Provide the operation command post for the ACE commander Assist in coordinating air operations to meet requirements of the MEF assist in planning air operations maintain the capability to accomplish TACC functions Conduct operations in NBC environment
9 tasks of an MTACS (B) assist in coordinating with other services and allies for the conduct of MAGTF air operations preform command and staff functions coordinate with commands to play for the deployment of the squadron provide logistical and supply support
Mission of Marine Air Control Squadron is to provide air surveillance and control of aircraft, and surface to air weapons for AAW continuous all weather radar and non-radar ATC services and airspace management
6 Tasks of MACS (A) Preform command and staff functions coordinate with commands to play for the deployment of the squadron provide deployable detachments capable of air surveillance, airspace management and control of aircraft and surface to air missiles
6 Tasks of MACS (B) provide deployable detachments capable of providing Air Traffic Control services when reinforced with a Theater Missile Defense detachment provide SAM fires in assigned Zones Serve as the operational point of contact between MACCS and ATC agencies
Mission of the Marine Wing Communication Squadron Provide expeditionary communications for the ACE of a MEF
12 Tasks of MWCS (A) provide for the effective command of subordinate detachments Assist in systems planning and engineering of ACE communications provide operational systems control centers provide calibration and repair facilities for all ground common TMDE
12 Tasks of MWCS (B) provide the digital backbone communications support for the ACE CE, FOBs and MACCS agencies Provide Tactical Automated switching and Telephone services provide electronic message distribution for the ace provide external single channel radio
12 Tasks of MWCS (C) Provide deployed wide area network and deployed Local Area Network provide the support cryptographic site for all assigned communications security equipment. plan and coordinate individual and unit training provide maintenance suppord for ground coms
mission of marine air support squadron (MASS) to provide direct air support center (DASC)
7 tasks of MASS (A) provide operational planning for MAGTF air support operations receive coordinate and process request for direct air support provide equipment facilities and personnel for the operation of air support elements conduct air support control as required
7 tasks of MASS (B) maintain the ability to provide continuous control of direct air support provide personnel and facilities for operation of the DASC and DASC (airborne) Coordinate and integrate direct air support operations with other services
mission of low altitude air defense (LAAD) to provide close-in, low-altitude, surface to air weapons in defense of MAGTF assets
6 tasks of LADD (A) provide command administrative communications supply and logistic support of batteries maintain a primary capability as a highly mobile vehicle mounted and man portable surface to air weapons component of the MAGTF
6 tasks of LADD (B) provide surface to air weapons support for units engaged in operations provide for the separate deployment of subordinate batteries plan and coordinate requirement for combinations with commands to ensure the most effective intergration of LAAD
6 tasks of LADD (C) provide early warning of hostile air threats
organizational structure of LAAD battalion headquarters headquarters and service battery, two firing batteries
weapons of LAAD Primary - avenger AN/TWQ1 Secondary - Machine guns, 50 cal, 7.62MM M60e3
Created by: PALDIS
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