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FMF (Core) 113


5 purposes of close order drill move unit from one place to another provide simple formations from which combat formations may be readily assumed teach discipline increase confidence of junior officers and NCO Give marines an opportunity to handle weapons
element an individual squad, section platoon of which is part of a larger unit
formation an arrangement of elements on line in column or in any other prescribed manner
line a formation in which elements are abreast, except the a section is in line when its squads are in line and one behind the other
rank a line of marines or vehicles placed side by side
column a formation in which elements are placed one behind the other except that a section is in column when its squads are in column and abreast of each other
file a single column of marines or vehicles one behind the other
flank the right or left extremity of a unit either on line or in column. the element on the extreme right or left of the line. a direction at a right angle to the direction and element of a formation is facing
interval the lateral space between elements of the same line
normal interval one arms length
close interval the distance between the shoulder and elbow when hand is placed on hip
alignment the dressing of several elements on a straight line
guide the individual who a formation regulates it march
center the middle element of a formation with in an odd number of elements
pace the length of a full step "30 inches"
step the distance from heel to heel between the feet of a marching man
cadence a rhythmic rate of march at a uniform step
two types of drill commands Preparatory command Command of execution
Marine corps color guard (left to right) left rifleman marine corps color bearer national color bearer right rifleman
Navy-marine corps color guard (left to right) Left rifleman (navy) navy color (navy) marine corps color (marine) national color (marine) right rifleman (marine)
joint armed forces color guard left rifleman (marine) coast guard color (coast guard) Air force color (air force) Navy color (navy) Marine Corps color (marine) army color (army) national color(army) right rifleman (army)
wet down a party thrown by a newly promoted staff NCO - amount of money spent by the recently promoted marine is normally one months pay raise. The warrant of the newly promoted Marine is displayed prominently. the warrant was doused with alcohol at some point
hail and farewell introducing any SNCO's and their spouses who have arrived since the last Hail and Farewell and saying good-bye to any SNCO's who are leaving before the next Hail and Farewell.
Promotions and reenlistments In the spring of 1923, the first group of Staff Sergeants received their warrants.
order of presentation - Personal awards presented first. - Promotions second. - Re-enlistments third.
Dining-in When a dining-in is conducted, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and other non-military guests may attend.
mess night The Mess Night is a stag affair. In other words, non-military guests are not invited unless they are being recognized at the dinner.
Seating Arrangement Care must be taken not to place a lady at the end of the table.
Marine Corps birthday The birthday cake will be mounted on a mess serving cart or similar conveyance covered with scarlet and gold bunting.
Relief & Appointment A ceremony held for the relief of the old and appointment of the new SGTMAJ. the SGTMAJ exchange the staff noncommissioned officer sword.This passing of the sword signifies the transfer of this sacred trust from one SGTMAJ to another.
Created by: PALDIS
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