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FMF (Core) 103


Two chains of command Service chain Operational chain
Service Chain President, Secretary of Defense, SecNav, Commandant of the Marine Corps
Operational Chain President, SecDef, Combatant Commanders
Marine Corps Operating Forces Marine Corps Forces Marine Corps Security Forces Marine Security Guard
Marine Corps Forces Organized as MAGTFs and are employed as part of expeditionary forces or separately as part of larger force
Marine Corps Security Force 3400 Marines protecting Key Naval installations and facilities worldwide.
Marine Security Guard Detachments at embassies and consulates around the globe. currently assigned to 121 diplomatic posts in 115 countries
Purpose of Headquarters Marine Corps Consists of the Commandant of the Marine Corps and those staff agencies that advise the commandant in discharging those responsibilities
Commandant of the Marine Corps Responsible to the SecNav for the administration, discipline, organization, training, efficiency and readiness of the Marine Corps
Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Principle organization for the conduct of all missions. Balanced forces with organic ground, aviation and sustainment elements. they are flexible , task organized forces that can respond rapidly anywhere in the world.
MEF Headquarters Group Provides administrative and logistical support functions for the MEF command element and supported units. Main Units are Normally, Coms battalion, Intel Battalion, Radio Battalion and MP support Company
Marine Aircraft Wing, Air Combat Element Task-organized to suport the MAGTF Mission. Normally built around aviation organization augmented with Air command and control, combat, combat support and combat service support. can operate from ships expeditionary airfields or forward operating sites.
Marine Division, Ground Combat Element (GCE) Task organized to conduct ground operation in support of the MAGTF. normally formed around an infantry organization reinforced with artillery, recon, armor, and engineer forces. can very in size from a rifle platoon to one or mar MARDIVs
Marine Logistics Group,(MLG), Logistic Combat Element(LCE) Task organized to provide the full range of combat services support functions and capabilities needed to support the continued readiness and sustainability of the MAGTF.
Where are the Three standing MEFs 1st, southern california and Arizona 2nd, North and South Carolina 3rd, Japan and Hawaii
Marine Expeditionary Brigades(MEB) a MAGTF built around a reinforced infantry regiment, and aircraft group and logistic combat element. normally commanded by a brigadier general.
Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is the standard forward deployed marine expeditionary organization. thought of both as a self contained operating force capable of missions of limited scope and duration and as a forward deployed extension of the MEF
Mission of the MEU to provide a forward deployed, sea-based, rapid crisis response capability to execute a full range of military operations
Break down of a MEU Command Emement"provide command and control to the MEU" Air Combat Element "helicopter squadron with transport, utility, and attack helicopters, VTOL fixed-wing attack aircraft, Ground Combat Element - Battalion landing team Logistics Combat Element
Seven Standing MEU 1 MEF - 11, 13, 15 MEUs 2 MEF - 22, 24, 26 MEUs 3 MEF - 31 MEU
Special Purpose MAGTF (SPMAGTF) It is normally used for a specific mission or in unique instances where employment of one of the three basic MAGTFs would be inappropriate.
7 ELEMENTS OF THE MARINE CORPS MISSION (a) provide fleet marine forces with combined arms and supporting air components. provide detachments and organizations for service on armed vessels of the navy. develop with other services, the doctrine tactics and equipment for amphibious operations
7 elements of the marine corps mission(b) provide marine forces for airborne ops. develop with other services doctrine procedures and equipment for airborne ops. expand peace time components to meet wartime needs according to joint mobilization plans. perform duties as the president directs.
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