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FMF (Core) 102

FMF (Core) 102 Marine Corps History, Rank Structure, & Courtesies Fundamentals

1775 The Marine Corps was created on 10 Nov1775 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania at the Tun Tavern
1776 the first Marine landing during the Revolutionary War
1805 Marines Stormed the Barbary pirates' stronghold at Burma on the Shores of Tripoli first time "Stars and Stripes" raised in the eastern hemisphere
1847 Marines occupied the "halls of Montezuma" in mexico city
1859 Commanded of Colonel Robert E. Lee, Marines Stormed the arsenal at Harper's Ferry to put down slave Recolt Lead by John Brown
1868 Adopted the EGA Eagle = nation itself Globe = worldwide service Anchor = Sea Traditions
1883 Marines Adopted "Semper Fidelis"
1900 Marines defended the American Legation in Peking, china during the Boxer Rebellion
1913 Marine Corps established its aviation unit Major Alfred Cunningham was the first Pilot
1917 Marines participating in operations distinguished themselves and were awarded the French Fourragere still worn by members of the 5th and 6th marines
1933 the Marine Corps was reorganized into the Fleet Marine Force.
1965 Marines landed in South Vietnam, committed the marine corps to the longest war in its history. Marines also landed in the Dominican Republic to evacuate and protect U.S. Citizens
1982 Marines deployed to Lebanon as a peacekeeping force. On 23 Oct 1983 a truck bomb attack on the headquarters building killed 241 Americans and wounded 70 others. last Marine unit withdrew in July of 1984
1991 Operation Desert Storm. Marine avation was heavily used when air phase commenced in January of 1991 when bombing failed, ground forces swept into Kuwait and liberated the country
2001 Marine units deployed to the Arabian sea and in November 2001 set up a forward operating command in southern Afghanistan as part of operation enduring freedom.
2003 On 19 Mar 2003 allied forces launched operation Iraqi freedom, in three weeks demolished the government in Iraq 23-29 mar 20003 2d Marine expeditionary brigade was tasked with capturing two out of three bridges during the advance to baghdad
2004 (a) 31 March 2004 Iraqi insurgents in falluja ambushed a convoy containing four American private military contractors from Blackwater USA. Iraqi government requested control of city be turned over to Iraqi-run security force.
2004 (b) 7 Nov 2004, operation phantom fury was launched to recapture the city of Fallujah. 1350 insurgent fighters killed 95 American troops killed 560 wooded on 13 Nov after 6 days Falluja was full occupied by US forces bloodiest battle of the war in Iraq
The Battle of Belleau Wood Marines helped to crush a German offensive at Belleau Wood . France renamed the area "the wood of the Brigade of Marines" german intelligence evaluated Marines as "Storm Troops" the highest rating on the enemy fighting scale - gave nickname "devil Dog"
The Battle of Guadalcanal on 7 Aug 1942, the 1st Marine division landed on the beaches of Guadalcanal in the Solomon islands the first us land offensive of world war II. Provided a crucial turning point of the war in the pacific by providing a base to invade Japanese islands
The Battle of Tarawa Japanese commander proclaimed that it would take a million Americans 100 years to conquer it. On 20 November 1943, Marines landed and secured the island within 76 hours
The Battle of Mariana Islands Due to the need for airfields and advanced bases for the Navy, the Marianas were invaded. June - July 1943, LT General Smith led a invasion force of Marines and soldiers of over 136,000. greatest number of troops up to that time under Marine command
The Battle of Iwo Jima 19 February 1945, largest and bloodiest all-marine battle in history 23,300 casualties Admiral Nimitz said "Among the Americans who served, Uncommon valor was a common virtue" Greatly increased the air support and bombing operations against the japan
The Battle of Chosin Reservoir November 1950, Marines were cut off by Chinese forces. facing a 10-devision force, Marines smashed seven enemy divisions in their march from chosin reservoir Marines brought out all equipment, evacuated wounded and dead, and maint. tactival integrity
The Battle of Hue City During the Vietnamese Holiday of Tet in January 1968, communist forces launched a surprise offensive. Marines fought in built-up areas for the first time since the Korean war, fighting house to house with progress measured in yards.
Archibald Henderson Brigadier General Henderson became commandant in 1820 and held command for 39 years until his death in 1859 "Grand old man of the Marine corps" introduced higher standards of appearance, training and discipline.
John Quick Sgt Major Quick was awarded the medal of honor for semaphoring for emergency lift of naval bombardment while under Spanish and American shellfire
Dan Daly Sgt Major Daly was awarded two medals of honor, first during the boxer rebellion , the second during the first caco war. Known for saying "Come on you sons of a bitches, You want to live forever"
Louis B. "Chesty" Puller LT Gen Puller served in Nicaragua durring periods of unrest, With 32 Marines became famous for their ability to engage rebel groups and bandits while scouring the jungles. Known as the "Tiger of the Mountans" Mascot "an English Bull dog named "Chesty"
Ira H. Hayes Corporal Ira Hayes, a Pima Indian was one of the Marines immortalized in the photograph taken of the second flag raising on 23 Feb 1945
Gregory R. " Pappy Boyington Recognized for prowess in aerial Dogfights Commanded VMH-214 "Black Sheep" during WWII top Ace with 28 Kills
Opha Mae Johnson Private Johnson became first Enlisted Woman on 12 August 1918 Marine Reserve (F) was official title, better better known as "Skirt Marines" and "Marinettes"
Margaret A. Brewer Brigadier General Brewer, as a colonel served as director of women marines from 1973-1977. the only post wasr woman to hold position. first woman general officer on 11 May 1978
Robert E. Bush Awarded Medal of Honor while serving with 1st MarDiv during the battle of Okinawa. Bush moved from one casualty to the next providing aid. Holding plasma in one hand, he emptied his pistol in to advancing ranks
John "Jack H. Bradley 1 of 6 men in flag-raising over Iwo Jima. earned Navy Cross for running thru mortar and machine gun fire to aid exposed Marine. preformed treatment while shielding his patient and pull 30 yards to safety. "only real heroes were those that didnt come back.
Robert R. Ingram awarded medal of honor for actions during the Vietnam war. PO Ingram crawled thru bullet spattered terrain to reach a Marine. while giving aid a bullet went through his palm. bleading he edged across the landscaping collecting ammo and giving aid
when to salute begin salute at least six but not more then 30 paces away. hold until returned or acknowledged accompany with appropriate greeting
do not salute when working indoors as a prisoner or guarding prisoners under battle conditions in ranks at crowded gatherings when you blouse or coat is unbuttoned with a smoking device in hand
Officer ranks (W-1 - O-10) Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chief Warrant Officer 4 Chief Warrant Officer 5 Second LT First LT Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
Enlisted Ranks (E-1 - E-9) Private Private First Class Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Master Sergeant / First Sergeant Master Gunnery Sergeant/ Sergeant Major / Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
Created by: PALDIS
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