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Anatomy exam II Inguinal area, hernias and peritoneal cavity

The _____ develop in the extraperitoneal fatty layer (layer 9) of the lumbar area in the posterior abdominal wall, anterior and inferior to the developing kidneys primordial testes
The _____, a fibromuscular band, plays a major role in the testes "descent" due to a combo of growth processes and hormonal influences gubernaculum testis
An evagination of the peritoneum, _____, accompanies the testes in their descent processus vaginalis
Undescended testes, _____, leads to an increase in the incidence of _____ crytorchidism; testicular cancer
What are the 4 compnents for the external oblique muscles? 1. inguinal ligament 2. lacunar ligament 3. superficial inguinal ligmanet 4. external spermatic fascia
What are the 2 components of the internal oblique muscles? cremaster muscle; conjoint tendon
The _____ is a fused tendon of the internal oblique and transversus abdominis muscles conjoint tendon
The conjoint tendon forms _____ wall of medial half of inguinal canal and _____ inguinal ring posterior; superficial
The continuous layer of fascia lining the abdominal cavity deep to the transversus abdominis muscle is called the ______ transversalis fascia
The transversalis fascia is directly in contact with the rectus abdominis below the _____ arcuate line
The ____ is a slit-like passageway formed during testicular descent, ~4 cm long, closed at birth inguinal canal
The external oblique aponeurosis and internal oblique muscle make up the ____ of the inguinal canal anterior wall
The transversalis fascia and conjoint tendon make up the _____ of the inguinal canal posterior wall
The transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscles make up the _____ of the inguinal canal roof
The inguinal and lacunar ligaments make up the _____ of the inguinal canal floor
The 3 parts of the superficial inguinal ligament are ____ 1. opening in external oblique muscle 2. adjacent to pubic tubercle 3. posterior wall is conjoint tendon
What are the 2 parts of the deep inguinal ring? 1. opening in transversalis fascia 2. lateral to inferior epigastric vessles
What are the 3 components of the inguinal triangle (Hesselbach's triangle)? 1. inferior epigastric vessels 2. inguinal ligament 3. lateral border of the rectus abdominus muscle
The spermatic cord is found in males and the _____ is found in females round ligament of the uterus
The ilioinguinal nerve (L1) passes thru canal and exits the ____ ring but does not enter the ____ superficial ring; deep ring
What are the 3 covering laters of the spermatic cord? 1. external spermatic fascia 2. cremateric muscle/fascia 3. internal spermatic fascia
A _____ is a protrusion of part of abdominal contents beyond the normal confines of the abdominal wall hernia
What is the most common type of hernia? inguinal
____ hernais are mainly in obese patients and the linea alba is very thin becasue of stretching femoral
The ____ hernia laterally borders the rectus abdominus spigelian
The ____ hernia separates the rectus abdominus muscle epigastric
What are the 8 types of hernias? 1. inguinal 2. femoral 3. umbilical 4. spigelian 5. epigastic 6. lumbar 7. incisional 8. internal
_____ _____ hernia is more common in old mes with weak abdominal muscles direct inguinal
The direct inguinal hernia forms in the inguinal ____ triangle
The ____ ____ hernia is the most common form of inguinal hernias; more in men indirect inguinal
What 3 elements make up the lesser sac/omental bursa? 1. epiploic foramen 2. omemtal foramen 3. foramen of Winslow
What 4 elements make up the greater sac? 1. subphrenic spaces 2. hepatorenal recess 3. paracolic gutters 4. paravertebral gutters
What is the function of the omental or epiploic foramen? communication between the greater and lesser sacs
The ____ is between the visceral surface of the liver and right kidney hepatorenal recess
Hepatorenal recess is also known as _____ Morrison's pouch
____ may be hte site of abnormal fluid accumulation in a bedridden patient hepatorenal recess
What are the 9 components of the intraperitoneal? 1. stomach 2. duodenum (1st) 3. jejunum/ileum 4. appendix 5. cecum 6. transverse colon 7. sigmond colon 8. liver/gall bladder 9. spleen
What are the 9 components of the retroperitoneal? 1. duodenum (rest) 2. ascending colon 3. descending colon 4. rectum 5. pancreas 6. kidneys/adrenals 7. ureters 8. major blood vessels 9. aorta/IVC
What are the 3 peritoneal derivatives? 1. mesentary 2. omentum 3. peritoneal ligaments and folds
What are the 3 peritoneal folds associated with the anterior abdominal wall? 1. median umbilical fold 2. medial umbilical fold 3. lateral umbilical fold
Within the median umbilical fold contains the median umbilical ligament which is a remnant of _____ fetal allantosis
The median umbilical fold is where fetal ____ occur transfusions
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