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Anatomy exam II accessory organs of GI

During prenatal circulation arterial blood flows from the aorta--common iliac aa--internal iliac aa--(______) --placenta (oxygenation of blood)--(_____)--portal v--ductus venosus --inferior vena cava--heart (RA) umbilical aa; umbilical v
During prenatal circulation, from the RA-- (_____) --LA--LV--aorta foramen ovale
During prenatal circulaiton , from the RA--RV--pulmonary a-- (_____) --aorta ductus arteriosus
_____ contains bare area of the liver diaphragmatic surface
______ contains H-shaped fissures visceral surface
______ - obliterated ductus venosus ligamentum venosum
_____ is hte round ligament of the liver; obliterated umbilical v ligamentum teres hepatis
_____ is the "doorway" for passages of blood vessels, bile ducts, and nerves porta hepatis
What are the 5 conponents of the visceral surface of the liver? 1. ligamentum venosum 2. ligamentum teres hepatis 3. porta hepatis 4. inferior vena cava 5. gall bladder
What are the 2 classical lobes of the liver? right lobe and left lobe
What are the classical lobes divided by? falciform ligament
What determines whether a lobe is functional or not? its based on blood supply and bile drainage
What are the 3 parts of the right lobe? right lobe; caudate process; caudate lobe
What are the 3 parts of the left lobe? left lobe; quadrate lobe; caudate lobe
What are the 4 ligaments of the liver? 1. falciform ligament 2. coronary ligaments 3. R adn L triangular ligaments 4. lesser omentum
The lesser omentum contains the _____ and the ______ ligaments hepatogastric and hepatoduodenal
Jaundice, Ascites, Abdominal enlargement, Caput medusae, Spider angiomatas, Splenomegaly; Esophageal varices (hematemesis), Bleeding tendencies, Testicular atrophy (in males), Gynecomastia (in males), Hemorrhoids (hematochezia) are potential signs of ___ liver cirrhosis
We have both ___ and ___ hepatic ducts right and left
Common bile duct = _____ + ______ common hepatic duct and cystic duct
_______ = common bile duct + main pancratic duct hepatopancreatic ampulla
The hepatopancreatic ampulla opens up into the major papilla of _____ duodenum
The gall bladder and cystic duct _____ is the located at the tip of the 9th costal cartilages and linea semilunaris fundus
The gall bladder and cystic duct ____ contacts visceral surface of the liver and 1st part of duodenum body
The gall bladder and cystic duct ____ may contain sacculation (_______); mucosa is thrown into folds (spiral valve of Heister) neck; Hartmann's pouch
The cystic duct mucosa forms the ____ spiral fold
The ______ ligament guards the entrance of the lesser sac hepatoduodenal
With a common dissection of the lesser sac, on the R anterior portion lyes the ____ common bile duct
With a common dissection of the lesser sac, on the L anterior portion lyes the ____ hepatic artery proper
With a common dissection of the lesser sac, on the posterior portion lyes the _____ portal vein
What 3 portions make up the spincter of hepatopancratic ampulla? 1. bile duct sphincter 2. pancreatic sphincter 3. sphincter ampulla
Medical term for stones is ___ lithiasis
Medical term for bile is ____ chole
Medical term for blie duct is ____ choledocho
Medical term for gall bladder is ____ cholecysto
Gall stones within the stomach, duodenum or transverse colon are called ____ fistulas
Gall stones impacted at the ileocecal valve are called ____ intestinal obstruction
The common bile duct, superior mesenteric vessels that pass anteriorly to uncinate process are located in the _____ of the ____ head of the pancreas
The omental tuberosity marks the location of the _____ on the body of the pancreas celiac trunk
The tail of the pancreas contacts the hilum of the _____ spleen
The major pancreatic duct of ____ opens into major duodenal papilla; this contains the ____ sphincter Wirsung; pancreatic
The minor (accessory) pancreatic duct of _____ opens into minor duodenal papilla Santorini
The spleen is related to the L __, ___ and ___ ribs 9th, 10th and 11th
The ___ rib lies along the axis of the spleen 10th
The spleen rests on the L colic flexure and the _____ ligament phrenicocolic
The spleen is attached to the L kidney via ____ ligament lienorenal
The spleen is attached to the L border of the stomach via the ____ ligament gastrosplenic
Created by: luckynikki