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Schwartz AP Gov 9


advice and consent Senate's right to approve presidential appointments such as Cabinet secretaries and federal judges
Baker v Carr (1962) "One man, one vote" rule, the Supreme Court ruled that districts must be proportionately represented
cloture rule requires a 2/3 supermajority to close up or stop debate on a bill and call for a vote
congressional oversight ensuring executive branch agencies are carrying out the policy or program as Congress intended
earmarks funds directed for a specific purpose
filibuster a lengthy speech to delay action on a bill
floor leaders lead debate among their party and guide discussion on their side of the aisle
franking privilege free use of the mail by Congress
gerrymandering district lines drawn to give the advantage to one party
House Judiciary Committee drafts crime bills that define illegal behavior and outline appropriate punishments and handles impeachments
House Ways and Means Committee a committee exclusive to the House that determines tax policy
joint committees committees that unite members from the House and Senate
logrolling trading votes to gain support for a bill
pork barrel spending members of Congress trying to send federal dollars back to their district
president pro tempore temporary president of the Senate
quorom the required number in attendance to do business
reapportionment redistribution of congressional seats according to changes in the census figures
representative model members trying to reflect the will of their constituency
Rules Committee determines which bills are scheduled for debate and decides when votes take place
standing committees permanent committees that cover a particular subject
term limits limit the number of terms an incumbent may serve
27th Amendment prevents Congress from taking a pay raise until the following Congress begins
whip the deputy floor leader who is in charge of party discipline
Wesberry v Sanders ruled that districts had to be drawn so that roughly the same population existed in one district as in another
markup session a process by which a bill is amended
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