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Unit 3 vocab SS

Absolutism and Enlightenment vocab

Term Definition
Deism Belief in the existence of a supreme being specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe.
Absolutism The principle of complete and unrestricted government power usually in the hands of one person a dictator or despots.
King Louis XIV King of France in 1600's and 1700's.
Divine Right of KIngs The belief that the right of rule derives directly from god not from the consent of the people.
Enlightenment A period form the late 1600's to the late 1700's in Europe in which people changed their outlook on life.
Age of Reason Time during the 1700's when enlightenment ideas were the leading ideas in Europe.
John Locke An English philosopher that said natural laws govern human behavior and government should be based on these natural laws .
Natural Rights Rights that belonged to all human beings from births right to life liberty and own property.
Philosophes Member of a group of Enlightenment thinkers who tried to apply the methods of science to the improvements of society.
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Baron de Montesquieu
Thomas Hobbes
English Civil War
House of Stuart
Oliver Cromwell
Glorious Revolution
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