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CBA 1 Review

CBA Review

Intolerable Acts Imposed; First Continental Congress convened; Thomas Paine's Common Sense published. What era is this? The Revolutionary Era
The Declaration of Independence A statement of grievances against England.
Shay's Rebellion Unable to collect taxes States print own money What was the effect of these causes? The U.S. Constitution is written
Inalienable/ Unalienable Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. Born with, can't lose them. life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.
The Declaration of Independence promoted the idea of-- Inalienable/Unalienable Rights
What document sought to end British Influence on colonial America? The Declaration
Why did the Articles of Confederation fail to provide for a national government strong enough to accomplish its goals? After their experience under British rule, its authors feared a strong central government.
Which Revolutionary Battle became known as the "Shot heard 'round the world." The Battle of Lexington.
Why was Saratoga considered a turning point in the American Revolution? The American win helped convince the French to enter the war on the American Side.
Sovereignty The authority of a state to govern itself or another state. Example: Being an Independent Nation.
This document ended the American Revolution. It was written in France. Britain had to recognize the U.S. as a sovereign nation. Treaty of Paris 1783.
Westward expansion was prevented by what physical land form? American colonies had trouble getting around it. Appalachian Mountains.
Triangle Trade is a type of what Economic policies? This policy benefited the Mother Country. Mercantalism
A type of government where people chose their elected officials by voting to represent their interests and concerns. Representative Government
Why did Colonies have representative governments? Distance from Britain; Needed laws; Protect their English Rights.
What is Revenue? Money that is earned by a state or country.
What is Civil Disobedience When you choose to disobey in a peaceful way. Example: NFL players kneeling for the anthem.
How did Slavery affect the Colonies? Southern colonies began to depend on the cheap labor and formed laws against slaves. Cotton and Tobacco became Cash Crops for the South. Slave population increased within Southern Colonies.
Shipbuilding; Fishing; Fur trapping and trading; Lumber Milling; Merchant Trade......What physical characteristics made these activities possible? Dense forest, natural harbors and swift rivers.
Agriculture/ Agrarian Farms and Farming
Industry/ Industrial Having to do with manufacturing or making a product.
Grievances A complaint due to unfair treatment.
Who is Anne Hutchinson? She was banished from Massachusetts Colony for leading Bible studies and questioning the religious authority. Joined Roger Williams in Rhode Island.
What was the Southern Colonies MAJOR CASH CROP? KING Cotton!!!!!!
Battle of Yorktown Last major battle where American and French forces joined to capture Gen. Cornwallis.
Battle of Saratoga The turning point in the war. American victory helped convince France to join them against Britain.
What happened during the Winter at Valley Forge? Many American troops died from starvation, disease, and frostbite. Later in the Spring, troops become better trained for war.
Created by: MrJamesIMMS
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