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4 indications for sent placement: Discrete de novo lesions Medial dissection Elastic recoil total occlusion
Major contraindication to stenting: Rigid lesions that cannot be fully dilated
The mechanism of in-stent restenosis is: Neointimal hyperplasia
Emergency coronary stenting may be necessary in the case of: Spiral dissection
One major benefit of BMS is? Reduction in restenosis with BMS
In DES (Sirolimus stents) how long until approximately 80% of the active drug is released: 1 month
What stents are self-expanding? Wallstent, Radius
4 primary uses for long "wall" stents: Vein grafts RCA lesions Femoral artery Carotid bifurcation
What types of stents do you used in the neck, even bifurcations Self expanding
reason to used precious metals in stents: Make the stents more Radio-opacity
Coronary stent size should be______? 10% larger than the normal artery PROXIMAL to the lesion
What stent is more prone to late thrombosis 6-12 months DES
What stents are coated with Sirolimus? Cypher (Cordis) DES
Rapamycin used in DES was originally derived from: Bacteria from easter island soil
PTFE covered stents should not be used in? SVG
NO-REFLOW; is a sign of? Distal embolization
3 medications used to treat vasospam furing rotoblator? Verapamil, Nitro, ADENOSINE
The only reason to do a carotid angioplasty is to? Reduce the risk of stroke
Which cardiac enzyme peaks around 3 to 4 days post infract LDH
What scalpel blade is most commonly used for the modified Seldinger technique? #11
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