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Uniform Regulations

What is the US Navy Uniform Regulations instruction? NAVPERS 15665I
When is the Service Dress Blue uniform authorized for wear while traveling? Anytime (Section 3 (1301.1)
How shall the hair above the ears and around the neck for men be? Tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least ¾ inch and outward not greater than ¾ inch to blend with hairstyle 2201.1(a)
When is it authorized to wear covers indoors? When the member is in a duty status and wearing side arms. (101.1(4c)
How many rings are authorized while in uniform? One ring per hand, plus wedding ring 2201.6(a)
What is the maximum bulk of hair for men and women? 2 inches from the scalp 2201.1(a)
Where does the first stripe start on the sleeve of an officer? It starts 2 inches from the edge of the sleeve, multiple stripes have ¼ inch intervals in between 4101.2
What will a Rear Admiral (Lower Half) wear on their sleeve? One 2 inch stripe 4101.3(a)(5)
What will a Captain wear on their sleeve? Four ½ inch stripes 4101.3(a)(6)
On what side do men and women coats button? Women's on the left and men's button to the right 3501.1
What is the maximum length for men's fingernails? Must not extend past the fingertips 2201.5(a)
When shall the sea bag of all E-1 through E-3 personnel be inspected? Prior to transfer to another ship or station 3101.4
What part of the ear will sideburns not extend past? Middle 2201.1
Who wear two gold stars above the eagle and one gold star in place of the specialty mark on their rating badge Fleet/Force Master Chief Petty Officers 4211.1(a)
General uniform regulations are issued by the ___ and carry the force of a general order Chief of Naval Operations 1101.1
Which uniform is not authorized for wear during commercial travel (e.g. airlines, railways, or bus, etc.) but is authorized on commuter transportation (e.g. Metrorail, metro bus, commuter bus, VRE, ferries) NWU 1301.5
If two warfare insignias are worn, which one would be placed in the primary position? The warfare insignia of the specialty in which currently serving will be worn in the primary position. 5201.3
T/F Qualified members who are authorized to wear multiple breast insignias can wear different finishes (anodized - shiny and oxidized - pewter). False, members are required to wear the SAME finish. 6802.3(s)
When not in use, men should place the boatswain's pipe in what breast pocket? Left breast pocket 5404
At least what percent of the way should the NWU Parka zipper be closed 75% 3501.29(b)
Created by: LN Advancement
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