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What is the FOIA instruction? SECNAVINST 5720.42F
What form serves as an administrative record of all costs insured to process a request; actual costs charges to a requester; and as input to the Annual FOIA report? DD 2086. [Page 17, para (4)]
Who can not use the FOIA to access agency records Federal agencies and fugitives from justice
Final determinations on FOIA appeals normally shall be made within ___ working days after receipt 20. [Page 38, para c(2)]
What are the minimum Requirements of a FOIA request? (1) A request must be in writing; (2) cite or imply FOIA; (3) reasonably describe the records being sought (4) a statement regarding willingness to pay fees. [Page 15, para (1)]
What is the statutory time limit to respond to a perfected FOIA request? 20 working days. [Page 15, para 2].
The first ____ hours of search and first _____ pages of reproduction will be provided without charge. 2 hours 100 pages [Page 17, para (3)]
Who is the DON policy official CNO. [Page 4, para 1]
5 U.S.C. 552 is what? Freedom of Information Act. [Page 1]
Does a foreigner, whether living inside or outside the US have the right enforceable by law, to access Federal agency records Yes, except to the extent that such records are protected from disclosure by one or more of the nine exemptions. [Page 3, para 5(b)]
What is a perfected FOIA request? A request which meets the minimum requirements of the FOIA to be processed and is received by the DON activity having possession and control over the documents/information. [Page 55, para 20]
What is IDA? Initial Denial Authority
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