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BIO 121-051 #5

Appendicular Skeleton - Lower Extremities

Os Coxae hip bone
Acetabulum depression on anterior lateral side of os coxae; articulates with head of femur
Obturator Foramen large hole under acetabulum
Ilium large, fan shaped bone of ox coxae; most superior
Iliac Crest Ridge on top of ilium
Anterior Superior Iliac Spine most anterior point on ilium
Greater Sciatic Notch deep notch on posterior side of Ilium
Ischium more solid and rough bone on posterior side of os coxae
Ischial Spine projection just under greater sciatic notch
Lesser sciatic notch small notch under ischial spine
Ischial tuberosity rough lower corner of ischium on os coxae
Pubis thinner bone of os coxae, projects anteriorly
Femur thigh bone; bows slightly forward
Head of Femur ball on medial proximal end
Neck of Femur constriction just below head
Greater Trochanter of Femur large knob opposite the head
Lesser Trochanter of Femur bump just below head on same side
Medial Condyle of Femur Smooth projection on medial side of distal end
Lateral Condyle of Femur projection on lateral distal end
Patella knee cap; heart shaped bone
Tibia Larger bone in lower leg; medial side
Tibial Tuberosity Rough knob on anterior side of proximal end
Medial Malleolus porcess on medial distal end of tibia
Fibula smaller, slender bone in lower leg; lateral side
Lateral Malleolus entire distal end of fibula
Tarsals ankle bones
Calcaneus largest bone in the foot; looks like a shapeless rock
Metatarsals five long bones of the instep
Phalanges toe bones
Created by: parkland_ap