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ch11 & 12


chol/o chol/e bile
rumination regurgitatio,remastication,ensalivasion,and reswallowing of partially digested food
peristalsis involuntary wavelike movvement of the instestinal tract propelling contents throught the GI tract
amyl/o starch
ptyal/o saliva
chyl/e chyl/o milky fluid
lingual frenulum anchors underside of tongue to floor of the mouth
papillae elevations on the sides and upper surface of the tongue
crown projects above gumline
neck is located in the gumline
root fixes the tooth in the socket
enamel encases the crown
cenemtum encases the root
dentin lies under the enamel and camentum and makes up the bulk of the tooth
alveolar bone is the bony structure that supports the teeth
pulp cavity inside the dentin and contains the tooth nerve and blood supply
periodontal ligament connects cementum to bone
incisors (I) front of teeth used for shearing and cutting grass also used for defense
canines (C) fangs used to tear meat
premolars (P) and molars(M) cheek teeth grind food to a size that can be swallowed
chyme semifluid contents of stomach after digestion
peristalsis moves through digestive tract via
recticulum honeycomb
rumen paunch
omasum book
nephro reno kidney
petrous stony hardness
lith/o stone or calculus
lithoscope tubular instrument used to examine the urinary bladder and ureter
cortex outter portion of kidney
medulla inner portion of the kidney
micturition voiding of urine
rats and horses dont have a gall bladder
inner wall of the uterus endomentrium
middle wall of the uterus myometrium
outer wall of the uterus perimetrium
galact/o lact/o milk
stimulates milk production prolactin
stimulates milk let down oxytocin
horse 336 days
cow 280 days
goat/sheep 150 days
pig 144 days
dog/cat 63 days
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