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Apologia Human Body

Module 3 Questions

In what layers of the epidermis is it possible to get cancer? Stratum basale and stratum spinosum
A hair cell contains soft keratin. From what region of the hair was it taken? medulla
Where can the hair cells with no keratin be found? matrix
A hair follicle is empty, but the matrix is not dead. The hair follicle has just entered its ____________ stage. growth
Do the secretions of the apocrine sweat gland contain cellular material? no
In an adults, what function(s) of the skeletal system is performed by the humerus? support, lipid storage, movement
How would you classify metatarsals? long
How would you classify tarsals? short
How would you classify coxa? irregular
How would you classify the radius? long
If the epiphysis of a long bone contains epiphyseal plates, has the hyaline cartilage in the plates ossified? no
What layer of skin contains keratinized cells? epidermis
What layer of skin contains papillae? dermis
How do the dermal papillae help the epidermal cells? Increase blood flow and thus nutrients
What kind of tissue is always present in the hypodermis? loose connective tissue
What kind of tissue is often but not always present in the hypodermis? adipose
How does the hair follicle help heal bad burns? Has epithelial tissue to reproduce and make more epidermis
What is the function of the sebaceous glands? Make and secrete oil
What is the function of sweat glands? Make and secrete sweat to cool the body
First layer of the epidermis, from the bottom up: stratum basale
Second layer of the epidermis, from the bottom up: stratum spinosum
Third layer of the epidermis, from the bottom up: stratum granulosum
Fourth layer of the epidermis, from the bottom up: stratum lucidum
Fifth layer of the epidermis, from the bottom up: stratum corneum
In what layers of the epidermis are the cells still alive? stratum basale and stratum spinosum
What are melanocytes? Cells that produce melanin.
What do melanocytes do to the skin? Give it color & protect the skin from ultraviolet rays
What are the three sections of the hair? Medulla, cortex, cuticle
Which section of the hair contains cells with soft keratin? medulla
Which sections of the hair contain cells with hard keratin? cortex and cuticle
What is the hair matrix? Mass of undifferentiated cells
Are sweat glands apocrine, merocrine, or holocrine? merocrine glands
Are sebaceous glands apocrine, merocrine, or holocrine? holocrine
Where is the bone marrow found in long bone? medullary cavity
What are the functions of the skeletal system? support, protection, movement, storage, and hemopoiesis
Epidermis The outer portion of the skin, formed by epithelial tissue which rests on the dermis
Dermis Dense irregular connective tissue that forms the deep layer of the skin
Hypodermis Loose connective tissue underneath the dermis which connects the dermis to muscle or bone
Hemopoiesis The process of manufacturing blood cells
Compact Bone Dense bone matrix enclosing only a few small spaces
Cancellous Bone Bone with many small spaces or cavities surrounding the bone matrix
Ossification Bone formation (not Open Source Software formation ;P )
Articular cartilage Hyaline cartilage that covers the ends of a bone in a joint
Axial skeleton The portion of the skeleton that supports and protects the head, neck, and trunk
Appendicular skeleton The portion of the skeleton that attaches to the axial skeleton and has the limbs attached to it
Suture A junction between flat bones of the skull
Process A projection on a bone
Meatus A passageway
Foramen A hole
Sinus A hollowed out space in a bone
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