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European History

European History Test Reiew

Name three countries in southwestern Europe Spain, Portugal, and France
Name two countries that speak languages from the Slavic family Ukraine and Russia
Name four languages from the Romance language family Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French
Name two countries that speak languages from the Germanic language family Germany and UK
What do all Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have in common? All monotheistic, originated in SouthWEST Asia, and Abraham is the father of all three
What is the most predominant religion in Europe? Christianity
What century is 1928 in? 20th
Speeches, quotes, letters, and diaries are all examples of hat type of resource? Primary
Encyclopedia, textbooks and newspapers are what type of resource? Secondary
What part of the Treaty of Versailles was the most damaging to the economy? Pay billions of dollars in reparations which led to an economic depression
How did the government in Russia change as a result of the Russian Revolution? It went from a monarchy with a czar to a communistic dictatorship
What did the Russian slogan Peace, Land and Bread mean?? Peace- Russians wanted out of WWI Land and Bread- The poor in Russia wanted land and bread because the czar had neglected them
What leader changed Russia to the communist Soviet Union? Vladimir Lenin
What European country was blamed for WWI? Germany
Place the events in order 1. Czar Nicholas is removed 2.Bloody Sunday 3.The Red Army wins and Russia is communist. 4. The Red Army and White Army fight for control 2, 1, 4,3
How did Hitler's Nazi party come to power? What event occurred right before Hitler is elected? Hint: hyperinflation economic depression in Germany and use of Nazi propaganda
The Nazi party used antisemitic propaganda. What does antisemitism mean? anti-Jewish
What country was divided into democratic and communist sectors after WWII? Germany
Which part of Germany was communist? East Germany and East Berlin
What was built to keep East Berliners from fleeing to democratic West Berlin? Berlin Wall
What is the time period when the US and Soviet Union threatened each other with nuclear war? Cold War
Was the Soviet government actually telling their people the "truth" or were they telling them lies using propaganda? Lies through propaganda
What were the collection of communist states (countries) in Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union called? Communist Bloc
A communist dictator that used propaganda to convince his people his policies were just after Lenin died. His people had no freedoms and he was a brutal leader. Josef Stalin
A fascist dictator that used propaganda to convince his people his policies were just. His people had few freedoms and he was a brutal leader. He was responsible for WWII and the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler
What happened to the Soviet Union after the reunification of Germany? It collapsed and states that were once part of the Soviet Union like Ukraine became their own nation.
What environmental issues in Europe caused birth defects for people living in countries near Ukraine like Belarus? nuclear radiation from Chernobyl explosion
Compare the populations of Russia and UK. Russia is larger and has more people even though it is colder and its resources are buried under permafrost.
How does the pollution in UK affect the rest of Europe? The wind carries the pollution to other nations in Europe.
What caused the Russian Revolution? The poor of Russia were neglected, and they wanted out of WWI
Created by: mgilmour