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Naval History-Ch 5

The Navy was created by the Second Continental Congress authorizing ____? the purchase of two vessels
On August 19, 1812, Captain Isaac Hull aboard the USS Constitution defeated the _______ which earned the ship its nickname “Old Ironsides.” British frigate Guerriere
During this campaign, Lieutenant Stephen Decatur and 84 seamen slipped into the harbor at Tripoli on February 16, 1804, and burned the captured frigate USS Philadelphia. The Barbary States War
These were the cruisers of the 18th century. These cruisers were next in size, usually smaller and faster than average ship-of-the-line. They generally carried 28 to 44 guns. Frigates
Which of the following ships has the distinction of being the U.S. Navy’s first flagship? USS ALFRED
What category of ship carried the largest number of guns? Ships of the line
What ship was the first warfare submarine? Turtle
John Paul Jones is often referred to as the “father of our highest naval traditions” because of the example he set as an officer during the Revolutionary War. He is also famous because of which of the following accomplishments? His victory over the HMS Serapis
At various times during the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Navy had 56 vessels. What was the peak number of vessels that were operating at any one time? 27
What country was the first to recognize the “Stars and Stripes”? France
In what year did the Navy accept its first operational submarine? 1900
Construction of our first destroyer began in what year? 1899
During what Civil War battle was the order “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” given? Mobile Bay
What ship was considered our first “first-class” battleship? USS Indiana
What was the first naval battle of World War II in which two opposing fleets didn’t see each other during combat? The Battle of the Coral Sea
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