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Heinous hatefully or shockingly evil. These murders were especially heinous. People accused of committing heinous crimes
Paragon : a model of excellence or perfection
Resentful having or showing a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair. She is resentful about being demoted. She gave me a resentful glare.
Lure : an appealing or attractive quality : a device used for attracting and catching animals, the fish simply didn't seem to like the lure I was using, so I didn't catch a thing.
Boastful a statement expressing excessive pride in oneself
abolitionism köleliğin kaldırılması akımı, kaldırma akımı
apathetic duygusuz, ilgisiz, kayıtsız, soğuk, cansız, hissiz
audacious cesur, yürekli, gözüpek, cüretli
chastise cezalandırmak (dayakla), dövmek, dayak atmak, suçlamak (ağır biçimde), eleştirmek, yerden yere vurmak
fad moda (geçici), heves, çılgınlık, merak, gariplik, tuhaflık
Fluke şans eseri, sürpriz, şans, beklenmedik başarı, dil balığı, yassı balık, sondaj kepçesi, zıpkın ucu, ok damağı, balina kuyruğu
lopsided aksak, yana yatmış, eğilmiş, oransız, dengesiz
All wool and a yard wide Of fine character; especially, very generous and kind-hearted. He's a wonderful brother - all wool and a yard wide.
Back to the salt mines Back to the job; back to work; back to work that is as hard or as unpleasant as working in a salt mine would be. - An overworked phrase, used humorously. The lunch hour is over, boys. Back to the salt mines!
terra incognita Unknown territory, an uncharted unexplored land
Vicarious . (adjective) experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person-This catalogue brings vicarious pleasure in luxury living.-ii. (adjective) acting or done for another-A vicarious atonement.
Created by: hgeckil
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