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Chapter 14 Terms

The Age of Exploration

Prince Henry the Navigator Portuguese prince that sponsored voyages and created a school for navigators in Portugal
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer working for Spain, reached the Bahamas and believed it was India
Conquistadors Spanish conquerors that were authorized by the crown but financed elsewhere
Hernan Cortez Spanish soldier that made alliances with city-states that didn't like the Aztecs and eventually helped overthrow them
Francisco Pizarro Spanish soldier that Incan civil war to eventually establish a colony there
Encomienda A form of economic and social system, a Spaniard is given a royal grant allowing them to collect tribute from natives and use them as laborers
Viceroy administrative head of one of the two provinces once held by Spain, Lima or Mexico City
Triangular Trade European manufactured goods to Africa for slaves, then to the Americas for tobacco, sugar, rum, coffee and back to Europe
Middle Passage Journey of slaves from Africa to the Americas, the middle leg of the triangular trade
Mestizos Offspring of Europeans and native American Indians
Columbian Exchange Exportation of plants and animals between Europe and the Americas
Price Revolution Europe wide phenomenon that was caused by inflation from the importation of so many precious metals
Joint-Stock Company Company that makes money by selling shares to people who get dividends on their investment
Mercantilism Set of economic tendencies during the 17th century
Portolani Charts made by medieval navigators and mathematicians in the 13th and 14th century
Quadrant and astrolabe Instrument used to make astronomical measurements
Horses Brought from Europe to the Americas as part of the Columbian exchange
Double-entry Bookkeeping Every business transaction has two accounts involved
Bank of Amersterdam Created in 1609 as a transfer and deposit institution, became a banking center
Dutch East India Company Trading company founded by the Dutch Republic to help secure their trade in the Indian Ocean
British East India Company Trading company founded by England to exploit trade in India and Southeast Asia
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