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PA German Ch1

aa also, too
aerscht first
all(e) all,every
alle Daag every day
alles everything
am(an+em) at, to the
an at, to
annere other
awwer but
es Babier,Babier'e paper
die Bank, Benk bench
die Bell, Bells (Belle) Bell
der Bensil, Bensils pencil
es Blaecklord -lorde blackboard
der Bleibensil -bensils lead pencil
der Bodde (m) floor
der Bruder, Brieder brother
es Buch, Bicher book
der Daag, Daage day
dann then
datt there
die Deck, Decke ceil
deel some
Deitsch German
die Dier, Diere door
die Dionde ink
der Disch, Dische table
do here
dumm stupid
drei there
ee one
die Fedde, Feddere pen, feather
es Fenschder, Fenschdere window
frooge to ask
geh to go
gewiss of course, certainly
glee (gleen+ending) small
die Greid chalk (crayon)
grooss large, big
gscheit smart
gut good
heesse to call, be named, be called
heit today
henge to hang
hocke to sit
in in, into
ins (in+es) into the
kenne to be acquainted with
es Kind, Kinner child
die Klass, Klasse class
kumme to come
es Land, Lenner land, country
uff em Land in the country
lanne to learn
lese to read
links (to the) left
marriye tomottow morning
der Meeschder, Meeschder master
mit with
der Naame, Naame name
nee no
net not
nix nothing
odder or
owwe above
rechts (to the) right
ringe to ring
saage to say
schnell fast quickly
es Schpellingbuch -bicher spelling book
der Schrebdisch -dische desk
schreiwe to write
es Schteddel, Schteddelcher (Sch+eddel) town, village
schteh to stand
die Schtubb, Schtuwwe or Schtubbe room
der Schtuhl, Schtiehl chair
die Schul, Schule school
schunn (t) already
es Schwazbord -borde blackboard
schwetze to talk
sei to be
sitze to sit
der Tietscher, Tietscher teacher (m)
uff on, upon
die Uhr, Uhre clock, watch
un and
unne below
vanne in front
verschteh to understand
viel (e) many, much
vier four
waer? who
die Wand, Wend well
was? what?
es Watt, Wadde word
wie? how
wisse to know (afact)
wu? where
wuhne to live, reside
ya yes
yuscht just
yuuse to use
zwee two
Created by: ahart223