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Ch. 3 Pharmacology

Routes of Administration

Epidural Epidural space (SPINE)
intra-arterial Arteries ( to break up cloths)
intra-articular within a JOINT space
intradermal INTO THE SKIN of the Upper CHEST, Forearms, Upper BACK
intramuscular Deltoid, Vastus Lateralis, Ventrogluteal MUSCLES
intraosseous BONE MARROW
intraperitoneal ABDOMEN -peritoneal cavity
intrapleural LUNGS- pleural space
intravenous (IV) MAJOR VEINS- most often in the arms, hands or via central venous access devices
subcutaneous* UNDER THE SKIN of the abdomen (ex: insulin), anterior thighs, upper outer arm, upper back (under the shoulder).
intrathecal BRAIN- subarachnoid space
Where do you administer ENTERAL routes? THROUGH the gastrointestinal tract
Where do you administer PARENTERAL routes? OUTSIDE the gastrointestinal tract
buccal* againts the CHEEK (tablets). Might be considered MUCOUS MEMBRANE ADMINISTRATION
oral MOUTH, STOMACH , INTESTINES. (tablets, caplets, lozenges, syrups, suspension, emulsions, elixirs, solutions)
sublingual* UNDER THE TONGUE (tablets) Might be considered MUCOUS MEMBRANE ADMINISTRATION
nasal NOSE (sprays, mist, drops)
ophthalmic EYES (drops, ointment)
otic EARS (drops, ointment)
rectal ANUS /RECTUM (solutions, suppositories, creams, ointments, gel)
respiratory/inhaled AIRWAYS (sprays, aerosols, mists, steam, dry powder for inhalation)
topical/transdermal ON THE SKIN (gels, tinctures, solutions, ointments, lotions, creams, liniments, powders, patches, sprays)
vaginal VAGINAL/VULVA (tablets, suppositories, creams, foams, solutions)
urethral URETHRA (solutions)
what is the URETHRA? is a tube that connects the urinary bladder to the urinary meatus for the removal of fluids from the body
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