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history test

mr zinnen part

the 5 nations that explored what is now north america and south america spain, portugal, france, dutch, UK
columbus' 3 ships nina, pinta, santa maria
the crusades 1095-1291 christian europeans vs muslims
revolution overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system ex. commercial, geographic
interest money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent
astrolab instrument that measures the position of stars
india christopher columbus failed in finding indies route and died discredited
circumnavigate sail all the way around something
line of demarcation pope drew line to stop way between spain and portugal
aztecs empire taken over my hernan cortes (emperor montezuma)
incas empire taken over my francisco pizzaro
new amsterdam the center of the new colony of dutch (NY)
quebec samuel da champlain established a settlement
marco polo man who wrote on an account of the marvels of asia
prince henry the navigator man who caused people to explore and started navigation schools
bartholomew diaz sent by the king to explore southern part of africa (of portugal)
vasco da gama completed eastern sea route to asia
christopher columbus queen isabella funded his voyage to find a trade route to indies, left in august, 1492
juan balboa first european to see the pacific ocean from the americas
ferdinand magellan portuguese man to circumnavigate the world for the first time
ponce de leon made first spanish landing on north america
hernando cortes took over aztec tribe
jacques cartier french explorer who searched for sea route to asia but failed and found mountain next to a village and named it montreal
jacques marquette priest who searched for precious metals and a water passage to pacific ocean but failed
louis joliet fur trader who searched for precious metals and a water passage to pacific ocean but failed
robert lasalle first european to trace mississippi river to its mouth and claimed it for france
henry hudson english sailor searching for passage to india by the netherlands but failed but found a huge bay that now bears his name
Created by: 9oscar9