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history test

book study guide

period of artistic creativity renaissance
ancient greek and roman works classical
early navigation tool astrolabe
caravels ships
journey to holy place pilgrimage
marco polo wrote an account of the marvels of asia
the renaissance paved the way for an age of exploration and discovery
who developed the stern rudder and triangular sails arabs
mansa musa was the powerful kind of mali
which country was the largest in the history of west africa songhai
viking sailor leif eriksson
admiral of the ocean christopher columbus
leading explorers in 1400s portuguese
means peaceful pacific
to sail around the world circumnavigate
the portuguese wanted to explore the world because they needed new trade routes
which area was known as the gold coast because of its abundance of gold coast of west africa
columbus sailed to the americas under the flag of spain
which of these sailors landed in north america centuries before columbus set sail vikings
which of these sailors were the first to circumnavigate the world ferdinand magellans crew
conquistadors spanish explorers
spanish upper class peninsulares
spanish towns in the americas pueblos
spanish religious communities missions
spanish fort presidio
hernan cortes destroyed the powerful empire of the aztec
which man and his army conquered peru francisco pizzaro
juan ponce de leon landed on the mainland of north america in search of the fountain of youth
which was an essential part of the economy of the spanish and portuguese colonies slave labor
after the arrival of europeans, many native americans died because of disease
a german priest martin luther
an economic theory mercantilism
established quebec samuel de champlain
site of montreal royal mountain
used for trade beaver pelts
the protestant reformation was a religious and historical movement
which french religious thinker left the catholic church john calvin
who was the first french explorer to reach north america giovanni da verazano
to find a passage through the americas, the dutch hired henry hudson
traders who established rights to the candian fur trade were french
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