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spanish people blah blah

spanish conquistadors received grants from spanish rulers to explore and establish... in the americas settlements
in 1519, who landed on the east coast of mexico. hernan cortez
he was welcomed into the aztec capital of tenochtitlan by the aztec emperor... montezuma
in 1532, who captured the inca ruler...and destroyed much of the incan army. francisco pizzaro and atahualpa
the conquistadors conquered the aztecs and incas partly because the spanish had weapons such as... guns and cannons
the europeans unknowingly brought... to which the native americans had no immunity diseases
who was the first spaniard to land on the mainland of north america juan ponce de leon
what was he searching for gold and the fountain of youth
tales of the seven cities of cibola told by alvar nunez cabeza de vaca inspired the explorations of who and who hernando de soto and francisco vasquez de coronado
the spanish developed a complex... system in the americas class
the spanish government granted each conquistador the right to demand taxes or labor from the native americans, which turned native americans into... slaves
by the mid 1500s the spanish forced... to work as slaves africans
they had to work on the... spanish tobacco and sugarcane plantations
who was john calvin a french religious thinker who broke away from the catholic church
what did the english parliament do in 1534 that helped establish england as a protestant nation they denied the authority of the pope and recognized the kind as the head of the church
how did religious rivalries in western europe affect the americas the europeans crossed the atlantic and took their religious differences with them
what two factors pushed europeans to establish settlements in the americas religion and the promise of great wealth
what was the columbian exchange an exchange of plants, animals, and diseases between the old world and the americas
how did england, france, and the netherlands view the treaty of tortesillas they ignored it because it did not allow for claims by other nations
what were the explorers john cabot, giovanni da verrazano, and jacques cartier looking for on their voyages a northern route to asia
what happened to henry hudson after his discovery of hudson bay he and his crew rebelled, set adrift, and were never seen again
why did the french settle canada they made an agreement with the native americans to trade fur
where did the dutch set up trading posts in the early 1600s north america
Created by: 9oscar9