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Anatomy 2 final ex.


Top of the sternum. Manubrium
A tubercle found on the posterior surface of the first rib's body. Scalene Tubercle
Part of the rib that articulates with the body of the vertebrae. Head of Rib
Stabilizes the ribs and aids in inspiration; ends anteriorly as the anterior intercostal membrane which can be considered to be a continuation of epimysium muscle. External Intercostal Muscle
Aids in expiration; ends posteriorly as posterior intercostal membrane. Internal Intercostal Muscle
12 pairs in number. Levatores Costarum Muscle
Anterior intercostal artery; blood supply to the first 5 or 6 interspaces. Branch of the Subclavian. Internal Thoracic Artery
Anterior intercostal artery; the intercostal spaces 6 and on receive blood from this artery. Musculophrenic Artery
False Ribs Ribs 8-12.
Floating Ribs that only articulate with their corresponding vertbrae. Ribs 11-12.
CN XI Spinal Accessory Nerve
Nerve that passes anterior to both subclavian arteries and the roots of the lungs. It's part of the superior mediastinum. Phrenic Nerve
Passes anterior to the subclavian arteries but posterior to the root of the lung. Vagus Nerve
Sinoatrial nodal artery, posterior interventricular branch or posterior descending artery, atrioventricular nodal branch. Right Coronary Artery
At the root of the lung, this artery is anterior inferior to the superior lobar bronchus. Pulmonary Arteries
Left branch of the this artery comes off the aorta, the right branch comes off of the intercostal artery or one of the left bronchal arteries. Bronchial Arteries
The smooth part between the two vena cava in the right atrium. Sinus Venarum
The thick muscle bundles that give the right ventricle its rugged texture. Trabeculae Carnae
The fibrous chords attaching the papillary muscles to the valve cusps. Chorda Tendinae
Valve that has 3 cusps with nodules. They are exits to the pulmonary arteries and the aorta. Semilunar Valves
Valve that separates atrium from ventricle. Can listen to it at the 5th intercostal space. Mitral Valve, Bicuspid Valve, or Left Atrioventricular Valve
Conical projections of ventricular muscle related to the cusps. Papillary Muscles
Fossa in right atrium that was once a foramen before birth. Fossa ovale
Atrioventricular bundle that runs below the membranous part of the interventricular septum. Bundle of His
Separates the upper and middle lobes from the lower lobe in the right lung Oblique Fissure
Part of the lung served by one segmental bronchus and its accompanying segmental artery. They are supplied by the tertiary bronchi. Lateral and Medial Bronchopulmonary Segment
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