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marco polo blah blah blah

More people became interested in India, China, and the rest of Asia as the story of who spread and exotic goods from the east appeared in European markets marco polo
What was the period of great intellectual and artistic creativity the renaissiance
This period of time encouraged europeans to pursue new ideas and paved the way for an age of what exploration and discovery
during the 1400s, merchants and bankers wanted to expand their businesses by buying goods from the east
they did this without going through the arab and what cities italian
strong monarchs in spain, portugal, england, and france sought ways to increase what and make their countries stronger trade
technological advances helped prepare the way for european voyages of exploration such as... the magnetic compass
these advances helped launch a new era of exploration as powerful countries began searching for sea routes to... asia
trade of gold,ivory, copper, and iron ore helped create wealthy, powerful kingdoms in... south of the sahara africa
many west africans in ghana became... as a result of their contacts with north american traders muslims
what country led exploration in the early 1400s portugal
why was price henry called henry the navigator he caused others to explore and started navigation schools
where was the gold coast along the coast of west africa
what did the portuguese trade and buy on the gold coast gold and ivory, bought slaves
who led the portuguese expedition to india in 1492 visco da gama
how did christopher columbus plan to reach asia by sailing west
when did the viking leif eriksson explore vinland 1000
who financed columbus's 1492 voyage queen isabella
what were the names of columbus's three ships nixa, pinta, santa maria
why did columbus write "having trouble with the crew" the sailors began to worry they were never going to reach asia and threatened to throw him off the ship
why are the caribbean islands called the west indies columbus thought they were the east indies and they were west of europe
what imaginary line was drawn down the middle of the atlantic to keep peace between spain and portugal the line of demarcation
what gave spain the right to most of north and south america the treaty of tortisillas
who was the first to circumnavigate the world ferdinand magellan
how long did it take the first voyage around the world take almost three years
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