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Medical terminology

Medical terms are derived from combinations of suffix, prefix and combining form

a- without/lacking/deficient/not
-able capable of
-ac pertaining to
acous hear
acr- summit/extremity
ad towards
aden gland
aemia blood condition
aesth feel/sensation
aesthes sensation
aeti causation
aitia causation
akovein hear
akron summit/extremity
alg pain
alges sensitivity to pain
algia pain
amphi both/on both sides/around
ampho both/on both sides/around
an- without/lacking/deficient/not
ana up/back/again
ana- upward
anastomosis surgical formation of passage/communication between two parts or organs [usually tubular structures]
andr man
andros man
anerythroplasia absence of red blood cell formation in the bone marrow
angi vessel
angiolith calcareous deposit in the wall of a blood vessel
angiorhexis rupture of a vessel
angiostenosis narrowing of a vessel
ankyl stiffened/hooked
ant- against/opposed to/preventing/releiving
anterior front
anti- against/opposed to/preventing/releiving
antiemetic agent that prevents vomiting
ap away from/separation from
aphrodite love
aplastic no growth
aplastic anaemia bone marrow not forming erythrocytes
apo away from/separation from
arach spider/web
arachnoid like a spider/like a spiderweb
arteriosclerosis hardening of arterial walls
arteriovenous fistula abnormal connection between an artery and a vein
arthr joint
arthrodysplasia deformity of joints
-ase enzyme
-asia state/condition
-asis state/condition
asthenia loss of strength
-ate having the form of/possessing
auricular canal in the ear
auris ear
bi life
bios life
blast cell
blenn mucus
brachy short
brachycephalic short head
brady slow
bradycardia slow heart beat
bradykinesia slowness of movement
bradyphagia slowness of eating
bradypnoea slow breathing
calor heat
capillus hair
capit pertaining to the head
capn- smoke
caput pertaining to the head
carcin crab
card- heart
carpus wrist
cata- down/under/lower/downward/disordered
caudate tail
celi abdomen
cephalalgia headache
cephalic pertaining to the head
cephalotome instrument for cutting the head [of fetus] to facilitate delivery
ceps pertaining to the head
cervic- pertaining to the neck
cervix pertaining to the neck
cheir hand
chir hand
chole bile/gall
cholecystectomy removing the gall bladder
cholecystenterostomy surgical formation of a passage between the gall bladder and the intestine
chrom colour/pigment
chromat colour/pigment
ciput pertaining to the head
clas break-up/destroy
clast break-up/destroy
clavicle key
clavicotomy surgical division of the clavicle
clud close
clus close
coccus round
col together
collum neck
colocolostomy surgical formation of passage/communication between two parts of the colon
coloplexy surgical fixation of the sigmoid part of the colon to the abdominal wall after coloptosis has taken place
colostomy surgical formation of passage/communication between colon and surface of the abdomen
condo lump
corona wreath
cost rib
costa ribs
cusp flap
cyan blue
cyanosis blue condition [blood not getting enough Oxygen]
cyst bladder
cyte cell
dactyl finger/toe
de- away/away from
deficient making to little
dem- population/nation
demos population/nation
dens tooth
derma- skin
dermat- skin
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermis skin
desm bundle
desmos bundle
di double/twice/two
dia across
diadocho together
dips thirst
dis double/twice/two
drom race/running
dromal- run
dromos race/running
dura hard
dynam power
dynamis force/power
dys- bad/difficult/painful/defective/abnormal
dysdiaochokinesia poor cerebral coordination
dyslogia speech impairment
dyspnoea difficulty breathing
e away from/out of/from
eam blood
ec away from/out of/from/out/outward
ect outside of/outer
ecto outside of/outer
ectomy excision
em into/in/within
-ema state/condition
eme vomit
emesis vomiting
emetic agent that induces vomiting
en into/in/within
encephal brain
end within/inner
endo- inside/inner/within
endocervical within cervix
endoperimyocarditis heart muscle inflammation
endoscope instrument to examine a hollow organ or cavity
endoscopy process of visual examination of a hollow organ or cavity
ent within/inner
enter- inside/intestine
enter- small intesine
enteroenterostomy surgical formation of passage/communication between two parts of the intestine
ento within/inner
ep upon/on/over
epi- above/over/on/upon
epidermis top skin layer
epigastrium high in the stomach
erg action/work
erythro purple
erythro red/red blood cell
-esis state/condition/process/precedure
eso within/inner/inward
-etic pertaining to
eu good/normal/healthy/well
-eum membrane/connective tissue
ex away from/out of/from
exo outside/from the outside/toward the outside
extra outside
fac do/make/produce
faci face/surface
facies face/surface
farct throw
febr fever
febrile having/showing the symptoms of a fever
fect do/make/produce
fer- lead
fibula needle
fic do/make/produce/making
fici face/surface
filar- thread
filariasis condition caused by a worm that looks like thread
fistula abnormal connection
fossa ditch
frons forhead
ganglion ball
gastric- stomach
gastroenteritis inflammation of intestine and stomach
gen- create/produce
gene kind/produce/come into being
genesis generate
glomer ball
gno know
gram resultant record of a graphy
gran seed
graph instrument used to record
graph- write
graphy process of recording
gyn- woman
gynaec- woman
gynaikos woman
haem Blood
haemangiectasis dilation of blood vessels
haematemesis vomiting blood
haemolytic pertaining to breaking down of red blood cells
haemoptysis coughing up blood
haemorrhagia severe internal and external discharge of blood
haemostat device/medicine arresting blood flow
haemothorax blood in the thoracic cavity
haim blood
hemi- half/partial/half or one side of body
hemianaesthesia condition of brain/spinal cord affecting half the body [no feeling]
hemidiaphoresis profuse sweating on one side of the body
hepa liver
hepat liver
heter different/other
hetero other/different
hidr sweat
hist- warp for weaving
histi- warp for weaving
histos warp for weaving
holo whole
homeo same
homo same
hydr water/fluid
hyper- over/above/excessive/beyond normal
hyperalgesia increased sensitivity
hypercapnia too much CarbonDioxide in blood
hypn sleep
hypo- less than/below/under normal/low
hypotension low blood pressure
-ia condition/state
-iac person suffering from
-iasis condition/state
iatr doctor
iatrogenesis caused by a doctor
iatros physician/healer
-ible capable of
-ic pertaining to/located in
-ics study of/science of
-id like
-ide chemical substance
idi one's self
idiopathic ailment that originates within the body
idiotropic turned to oneslef/egocentric
-ile capable of
immun immunity/supply with weapons
immunogen creates antibodies
in in/no/without/substance
ine substance
inferior lower
inter between
intercostal between the ribs/ chest
intra inside/into
intracardiac within the heart
intraveous into the vein
-ism state/condition/quality
-ism state/condition
iso- equal/same
-ist person interested in
-itic pertaining to/pertaining to an inflammation
-itis inflammation
-ium membrane/connective tissue
jac throw
juxta next
karnikos crab
kines power
kinesis movement
kleptomania the compulsion to steal
kolon colon
kopros dung
kyanos blue
lab lip
labi slip
labrum lip
lact milk
lapar abdominal wall
laps slip/slide
-lent full of
lep attack/taking hold
leps grab
lepsis attack/taking hold
leukos white
lex read
lip- fat
lith stone
lithoclast forceps for breaking up large calculi
lithos stone
log word/study
logos word/study
logy the science of
lys loosen/break
lysis breaking down
lytic pertaining to breaking down
ma abnormal condition
macr large/long
major bigger
makros large/long
mal- bad/difficult/painful/defective/abnormal
malac soft
malacia softening of
malakos soft
man be mad
mania madness
mast breast
mastos breast
mater mother
medial middle
meg(a) large
megacolon large colon
megal(o) large
megalocardia enlarged heart
melan dark/black
melas dark/black
memniskein remember
mening meningeal membrane/meninges
meninx meningeal membrane/meninges
meniscus half moon
mester months
meta after/beyond/change
metacarpal beyond the wrist
micr small
micr(o) small
microinfarct Blood vessel blocked by clot and the surrounding tissue dies
mikros small
minor small
minus small
mne remember
mon(o) single
monovular coming from one little egg
morph form/shape/structure
muis muscle
multi- many
my muscle
myalgia muscular pain
myel marrow
myel spinal cord/bone marrow
myelos marrow
mys muscle
nasus nose
nat birth/born
necr corpse
nekros corpse
nephr kidney
nephritis inflammation of kidney
nephroid kindey shaped
nephrosis degenerative changes in kidney
nephrotomy surgical incision of the kidney
neur nerve
neurosis disease of the nervous system
nos disease/illness
nosis knowledge
nymphomania excessivesexual desire for a woman
ob- against/toward/very/thoroughly
oc- against/toward/very/thoroughly
occiput back of head
occlus shut up
occlusion blockage of blood vessel/hollow organ
ocullus eye
odyn pain
-oid looks like
olig few/deficient
oma tumour/disease
onkos tumour/lump
op- against/toward/very/thoroughly
ops see
orec appetite
oregein appetite
orex appetite
oris mouth
ortho straight
-ory pertaining to
os mouth
-osis condition/state
ostalgia pain in bone
osteo bone
osteon bone
ot ear
-otic pertaining to/condition
ov egg
paed child
para- often/beside/beyond/near/abnormal/irregular/alongside
paraaortic next to the aorta
parasternal next to/near the sternum
path disease
pathogen substance capable of producing a disease
pathogenesis origin and development of a disease
pathy diseased condition
pector chest
pedal foot
pel- through/intense/thoroughly
penia decrease/deficiency
per- through/intense/thoroughly
peri- around/within/surrounding
perinephritis inflammation around the kidneys
-pexy surgical procedure to rectify what was caused by the displacement of an internal body part due to weakness of the abdominal muscle
phag swallow/eat
phag- swallow
phagein swallow/eat
pharmac medicine/drug
pharmakon medicine/drug
phila like
phob fear
phobia fear
phobos fear
phragm fence
physis nature
-pit saliva/mucus
plane surface
planum surface
plas form/develop
plast form/develop
plec strike/paralyze
pleg strike/paralyze
plessein strike/paralyze
pluri- several/more
pneumon lung
pnoe- breathing
podalgia pain in feet
poie make/produce
poiesis production
poli grey matter
poly- many/excessive
polycythaemia condition where there are many cells in the blood
posterior back
pre before/in front of
pro- before/in front of
prodromal symptoms run before a disease
prognosis foreknowledge
prone leaning forward
pronus leaning forward
pros in place of
prosth in place of
-ptosis dropping/downward/displacement
pty spit
ptyein spit
ptys spit
-ptysis spit
pulmon lung
py pus
quadr(i) four
radix root
re back/again
rhag flow profusely
rhagia discharge
rhaph suture
rhex rupture
rhexis rupture
rhin nose
rhinorrhoea watery discharge from the nose
rhinoscope instrument for examining nasal passages
rhis nose
rhiza root
rhoe flow/secrete
rhoea discharge
rhythm heartbeat
sagitta arrow
sarc flesh/soft tissue
Scaph boat
scaphoid bone in hand that resembles a boat
sci separate
scleros hard
sclerosis hardening of
scop look at/examine
scope instrument for examining
scopy examination of
semi half
-sia state/condition
sinciput top of head
-sis conditon/state
skleros hard
somn sleep
somnolent sleepy/drowsy
somnus sleep
sperm seed
sphyx throb
spir breathe
spirate breathe
splen spleen
splenectomy excision of spleen
splenomalacia softening of the spleen
sta stand/stop
stat stand/stop
stax drip
sten narrow
stenos narrow
stenosis narrowing of
stern chest
sthen strength
stom mouth
stomat mouth
strepto line
sub under
sucr sugar
super- on top/over/above
supercillium eyebrow
superior upper
supine inactive
supinus inactive
supra above
sym- with/together/joined
syn- with/together/joined
tachy fast/rapid
tachycardia fast heartbeat
tachypnoea fast breathing
temnein to cut
tempus temple
tensive blood pressure
tentonum membrane in skull
ter instrument/device
teres minor
term limit/boundary/end
than death
thanat death
thanatos death
therap treat medically/heal
therapeu treat medically/heal
therapeuein treat medically/heal
thermo heat
thiros shield
thromb- clot
-tic pertaining to
tome instrument for cutting
tomia cutting
tomy cut
tonsilla tonsil
topos place
transverse across turn
tri three times/thrice
triceps muscle with 3 heads
tuss cough
ul- little/small
ultra- beyond
uni- one/single
vas vessel
verse turn
vertere turn
-y state/condition
zoon life
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