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AP Euro

Renaissance and Discovery through Voyages

time period of Black Death 1348-1350
_____________ took place right before Black Death crusades
_________ is invented during Black Death- this brings _________ gun powder- trade
trade brings new ________, ________, and _________ ideas, things, diseases
during this time, people are ___________ backwards/stupid
disease starts in the ____ _______ in ______________ and moves _________ sea ports, Constantinople, north
lots of _______ spread the disease; people are not ______= they are _________ rats, clean, vulnerable
ppl start dying off in _____ 1347
_______ keeps all documents and is the ___________ at this time church, government
____-____=___%-___% of population is dying 1/3-2/5, 33-40
5 common "remedies" include... 1.seclusion 2.live to extreme 3.live rly religous 4.flegellants 5.use techniques
song of black death? Ring around the rosy
Economy: labor is ______, demand is ______, techanology is ______, wages go _______, ppl spend _______, cities go _____ down, up, up, up, money, up
group of ppl that do the same thing and get together to make an agreement: monopoly guild
_______ become very useful to make valuable things artisians
_______ gain power because they have voice guilds
ppl question the ________ and its authority church
popes and church officials look bad because everyone thinks the plage is because of ____, and then the pope and officials die sin
Fuedalism: social _______; _______ at top; _______ rising in power pyramid; church; kings
dont talk bad about the church because it is _________________ (catholicism)= __________; soon will come: ____________ ___________ the only one; monopoly, Protestant Reformation
100 years war is how long? longer than 100 years (around 129)
curch is ________ and no one _________ it corrupt; trusts
curch moved to France is the ________ ______ Avignon Papacy
most popes were _________ Italian
___________ moves the papacy and takes ppl a lot pope clement IV
ppl sell _____________: way to pay for sin, some say it is muslim indulgences
indulgences manipulagte the ______ ______ idea good works
Italians are strongly _________ Catholic
EARLY REFORMERS: 1.english-goes against infallability 2.bohemia/progue/central europe-probles with pope-burned at stake for things he said 1.wycliff 2.huss
neither was in ______: both could talk because of _________ italy, distance
break up within the church is known as the ______ ________ Great Schism
no have an ________ and _______ pope (english hate ______) italian, french, french
tht ppl can regulate pope's pwer concilcar theory
cardinals chrch officials
Council of Piza... yrs.; council of constance... yrs.; council of basel... yrs. 1409-1410, 1414-1417, 1431-1449
pope has to answer more to the _________ and so church is __________ councils, weakened
ppl question _______; authourity _________ church, breakdown
Middle ages lead to _________________ Rennaissance
yrs of this time 1375-1527
name means _______... of culture, greek, roman, and classical rebirth
MIDDLE AGES: __________ society (lord in charge of land and peasents and serfs: agreement with lord... work for __________ fuedal, protection
also economy based on ________: _________ agriculture; agrarian
________ dominated thought and culture; many paintings of this also church
RENNAISSANCE: ____________ centralization and ___________ political, nationality
someone always takes the _________; it doesnt just dissapear power
__________: based on profit, encourages trade which creates competition capitalism
more cities= ________ urban
________/_____ culture: no more church influence secular/lay
kings, politicians, merchants, bankers: get _______, ______ it to better themselves and _____ _____ money, spend, show off
old rich give way to ______ _______ who want to show off new rich
__________ always had the money church
many wealthy people pay for a section of the ________ and decorate and that person is then recognized for that donation church
ppl begin to change from church paintings to _____-________, or paintings of a ________, etc self-portraits, palace
ITALIAN RENNAISSANCE: yrs. (there is also a northern rennaissance) 1375-1527
italy has a strategic __________ for _______ (b/w east and west) location, trade
italy also a ____________, good at ________, good ties with west and east (_______________) peninsula, sailing, constantinople
people put money in _______, which become very important banks
______ are known for running banks and charging ________ (some christians/jews think this is bad b/c you r suppose to be ______ and _______) jews, interest, kind, giving
soon, bankers are mostly ________ who then become _________ figures Italians, political
5 city-states in Italy:... lots of ________ and ___________ b/w them so they become more and more powerful florence, milan, venice, naples, papal states, trade, commerce
Created by: laineybug13