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ASM Block 4

Who is allowed to write up discrepancies? aircrew and acft maintainers
Who will sign off a red / and what block will it be in? the person who performed the mx and in the corrected block
who will sign off a red -- and what block will be signed? the person who inspected the discrepancy and in the inspected by block
How do you correct a symbol entered in error? Write: Symbol entered in error and the correct symbol entered or NDN
Who is allowed to clear a red X? The 3 or 5 lvl who performed the mx and the 7 lvl NCO who inspected it.
What symbol must never be entered in the AFTO Form 781k? Red X
What does the line through the entry denote on the 781A? Cleared Discrepancy
Who fills out the top line of the AFTO Form 781K? Acft dedicated crew chief.
Where is AFTO Form 781K found in the binder? In the back of the ACFT Binder.
In what section of AFTO Form 781K are DDs annotated? Section D.
What is the purpose of the AFTO Form 244? Document shop equipment or ground equipment mx/insp/discrepancies
What symbols may be entered in the 244? The same as those in AFTO 781 series
What parts of AFTO Form 244 do you annotate discrepancies? Part 5
What parts of AFTO Form 244 do you annotate non- inspections? Part 3
What parts of AFTO Form 244 do you annotate Item ID? Part 1
What parts of AFTO Form 244 do you annotate Supervisory Review? Part 4
What parts of AFTO Form 244 do you annotate non-scheduled inspections? Part 2
In what general TO series would you find shop equipment? 34-1-3
Who may sign off a red x in a 244 Form? only the person authorized
What is the purpose of stop drilling? To stop crack progression
What does stop drilling provide? means of stress relief and contains the crack
what does NDI do in the process to stop drilling? perform fluorescent penetrant insp to find the ends of the crack
How do you prepare the crack surface for NDI? use chemical pain stipper and a non metaillic scraper.
What TO has the crack limitations? -3
What diameter may the drill bits range? 3/32 to 1/4 (#30/1/8 drill bit is used for .040 thickness or less)
If the crack has not been contained how much can the hold be enlarged? 1/16th increments.
What is Hazardous material (HAZMAT)? any material that is considered a physical or health hazard
who ensures that you get the proper training for handling HAZMAT? Supervisors
Why do you need to know where MSDS's/SDS's are kept? to help protect yourself
What agency must authorize new hazardous materials for shop use? Base hospitals "bio-environmental engineering"
What standard covers all the information for flammable and combustible liquids? 91-203
Flammable and combustible fluids each ignite at what temps? 100 degrees
Is it safe to store water-reactive materials alongside with flammable or combustible liquids? no, because water reactive materials have a different fire prevention than flammables/combustibles and if water is used to put out flammables/combustibles they will ignite the water reactive materials.
Safety Containers used for transporting or dispensing will be no larger than how many US Gallons? 5
Why are plastic transport containers used whenever possible? to prevent accidental glass breakage, metal contamination, or corrosion
Why should HAZMAT containers be opened slowly? to prevent static discharge gas pressure release.
How much HAZMAT should you dispense for on job and why? Exactly what you need to prevent wasted money, materials, and resources and prevents large scale HAZMAT spills
All HAZMAT storage containers must be properly labeled IAW? 91-203
What are 3 common HAZMAT signal words and their corresponding levels of toxicity? Caution-Slightly toxic, Warning-Moderately toxic, Danger-Highly toxic CWD, SMH
What should be done to storage rooms to prevent unauthorized entry or removal of HAZMAT? completely closed and lock
How far should flames or smoking be from combustible or flammable liquids? 50ft
What types of items can be found inside a HAZMAT spill kit? safety goggles, face shields, rubber gloves, coveralls, absorbent towels
How far will at least one portable fire extinguisher will be posted no closer and no further from HAZMAT? 10 ft closer and 50ft further
What is the minimum distance wide for aisles in a HAZMAT storage room? 3ft
Containers will be kept how far off the ground in HAZMAT storage rooms? 2 inches
How far from a sprinkler will HAZMAT stored (stacked)? 3ft
Cabinets will be labeled with? Flammable keep fire away
Refrigerators will be labeled with? Approved for Flammable liquid storage/ no food or drinks allowed
Storage cabinets for HAZMAT are rated for? limits 350 degrees internal temp when subjected for a 10 min fire test.
What federal agency helps to ensure that the proper methods and means are used to dispose of hazardous materials? EPA
What word usually accompanies the signal word Danger Highly Toxic
What is shelf life? Any item possessing deteriorative or unstable characteristics to the degree that a storage length period must be assigned (anything with an expiration date)
How much can a type II shelf life item be extended if it tested good? half the life
What does first in/ first out mean? use the oldest shelf life items first
what is the difference between type I and II shelf life? Type I is only good for the expiration date and Type II can be extended.
When you are conducting a shelf life test for a sealant, why should you conduct working time test? so it's proven to work per manufacturer's specs
Materials with the ________ manufacture and/or shelf life date will be used first oldest.
Chemicals "should/should not" be ordered in quantities and intervals so they can be used before expiration dates. should not
What AFI is used for Labeling? 91-203
What are 3 parts of an atom? Electron, proton, nuetron
What part of an atom carries a positive charge? Proton
What part of an atom carries a negative charge? electron
What part of an atom carries a neutral charge? Neutron
What is an Ion? an atom or group of atoms bound together either neg or pos charged.
What are four components of an electrochemical cell?/What is needed for corrosion to occur? Anode, Cathode, Metal path, Electrolyte
In an electrochemical cell, what component can we control? electrolyte
Where does corrosion start? on the surface
Once corrosion has started to form, how can we stop the corrosion from continuing? removed every trace of it.
What is corrosion? deterioration of metal by electrochemical reaction to its environment
What cannot be broken down? Element
What is the weaker of the electrochemical cell and corrodes easily? anode
What is the stronger of the electrochemical cell and causes the anode to corrode? cathode
What part of the electrochemical cell transfers electrons? metal path
What determines the strength of the electrolyte? the amount of ions
What metals form an invisible oxide film that protects or slows the rate of corrosion and acts as a barrier or neutral passivation? stainless steel and titanium
what metal has a greenish oxide film that slows the rate of corrosion? copper
Alloyed metals are made up of small crystalline regions called? grains
Metals listed at the top of the galvanic series chart are considered to be? Anodic
Metals listed at the bottom of the galvanic series chart are considered to be? Cathodic
Metals listed further away from each other on the galvanic series chart? Corrode faster
A dissimilar metal combination can cause what type of corrosion? galvanic
Higher temps tend to _______ the rate of corrosion? increase
What will decrease the rate of corrosion on stainless steel, titanium, and copper? oxide film
When living organisms grow, what do they secrete and what type of corrosion is this? secret corrosive waste and it is oxygen concentration corrosion
If quenching of alloyed metals is delayed after heat treatment, what happens to the grains in the metal? intergranular corrosion
What are the parts of the PH (Potential of Hydrogen) chart? 0-6.9 acidic, 7 neutral, 7.1-14 Alkaline
What type of corrosion is first seen as a general dulling of the surface? Uniform surface corrosion
What type of corrosion is commonly found on the aluminum and magnesium and if found under white of gray powdery deposits? pitting
What type of corrosion occurs on an aluminum panel with steel fasteners? galvanic
When the grains of metal become enlarged because of improper heat treatment, the grain boundary will be _______and the inside of the grain will be ________. boundary will be anodic, grain will be cathodic
What type of corrosion is very dangerous because it can go undetected to the human eye> intergranular
What is the advanced stage of intergranular corrosion known as? exfoliation corrosion
Why is stress cracking so dangerous? may fail at normal loads
What causes concentration cell/crevice corrosion? when an electrolyte is trapped inside a gap, crevice, under a repair patch, or between two overlapping parts.
What are the three general types of concentration cell/crevice corrosion? metal ion corrosion, oxygen concentration, active passive cell
What type of corrosion occurs when there is a break in the organic coating and results in worm-like traces under the coating? fill form
What type of corrosion is caused by a combination of surface wear and corrosion? Fretting
What type of stress is involved in stress corrosion cracking? Tensile stress
What are two stages of fatigue corrosion? pitting and crack formation
What type of corrosion is caused by grain separation (delamination)? exfoliation
What type of stress does corrosion fatigue undergo? cyclic
Where does corrosion fatigue start from? a pit
What type of cell/crevice corrosion is metal to metal? metal ion
What type of cell/crevice corrosion has a foreign substance? Oxygen concentration
What type of corrosion is caused by exposure of the oxide/passive film? Active Passive cell
Where on the surface does fill form corrosion start? breaks in the coating
What type of corrosion has an appearance of galling/chaffing? Fretting
What is the corrosion TO? 1-1-691
What TO contains information about CPCs? 1-1-691
What is the difference between operational and non-operational types of preservations? operational is day to day and non-operational is long term.
What is the normal thickness of water displacing CPCs? .001 or less
What can you use non-water displacing CPCs? After the metal surface has been treated with water displacement CPC and is dry.
A non-water CPC may be used on dry surfaces previously treated with a ? Water displacement CPC
What are the two types of preservations? Operational and non-operational
When do you not use CPCs? when there is liquid oxygen present, high heat areas, or fuel tanks
What preservation uses a thinner lightweight CPC? Operational
What preservation has a prolonged inactivity? Non-operational
What are the two types of CPCs? Water displacement and Non-water displacement
How can you apply CPCs? spraying, brushing, or dipping
What type of application of CPC has a thin coat? spraying
What type of application of CPC has thicker bodied CPCs? brushing
What type of application of CPC has thicker bodied CPCs and is for smaller parts? Dipping
What are the advantages of cables? Flexible, strong, failure never abrupt, installed over long distances, easy to replace and repair.
What is the disadvantages of internal corrosion on cables? Cable must be replaced
Which TO must be consulted before substituting cables? 1-1A-8
How many wires are in each strand of a 7x19 cable? 7
If a critical measurement is required to measure cable diameter a ______ should be used. micrometer
What should you never use when inspecting cables? bare hands
What should you never use to clean installed cables? metallic wools or solvents
When can a turnbuckle be used to repair a cable assembly? if 1-1A-8 authorizes it
The straight connector cannot be paired with what types of fittings? pin eye or fork type
The double shank is used for what type of applications? that require movement in more than one direction
What must match when using the hand operated cable-swaging machine? dye and terminal
When using the pneumatic cable swager what must be done prior to changing the dies? disconnect air supply
What amount of time should a cable fitting be tested? 3 min
The vise jaws have a _____ insert to grab the cable during testing. softer copper insert
What percentage of a cable's min breaking point is tested on a Pull Tester? 60%
What type of hardware are used for cables ? Turnbuckles, pin eye/terminals (threaded, sleeve, ball type)
What tools are used in cutting cables? hand operated, diagonal cutters, pneumatic (cable swag w/ dies), cold chisel w/ hammer
What operation is performed when using flareless (MS) fittings to obtain a seal between the tube and the fitting? presetting
Damage evaluation limits for aircraft tubing assemblies are found in what TO? 42E-1-1
What are the advantages to MS flareless fittings? portable, simple to use, uses stainless and 6061-T6 tubings for high pressure.
What preset tool may be used only once? Aluminium
How many times can a steel preset tool be used? 5 times
What parts are needed for the MS Flareless fittings? Tubing, sleeve, nut, preset tool, adjustable wrench
What is the max length wise movement of the sleeve? 1/64th
Can the sleeve on the MS flareless fitting rotate? yes
What TO is used for information about MS Flareless fittings? 42E1-1-1
When should tubing be inspected? before, during, after
What could be the result of bend flattening? restricts amount of fluid to the system
What damage results in flow restrictions? tube flattening
when replacing a damaged piece of tubing what is the first thing you must do? find the cause of damage
What TO would you consult for the amount of allowable damage? 42E1-1-1
When a tube rated for 500 psi or greater what percentage of the OD is allowed to be wrinkled or kinked? 1%
When a tube rated for 500 psi or less what percentage of the OD is allowed to be wrinkled or kinked? 2%
What type of damage/corrosion requires replacement of tubing? galling, chaffing/ Fretting
What does damage to tubes cause? failures to withstand internal pressure
What intervals should tubing be inspected while performing the repair? regular
Rynglok is applicable to what type of material and tubing wall thickness? Every material and wall thickness
What type of tubing assembly fittings can Rynglok repair or duplicate? flared, flareless, and lip sealed type fittings
What is the operation pressure for Rynglok? 8000 psi
Is the Rynglok system permanent, or can the fittings be re-used? Permanent and cannot be used.
Why does the Rynglok system reduce the amount of tooling required in the shop? the tools can be used on the permalite system as well
What access can the Rynglok system operate in? 180 degrees access
What are the advantages of the Rynglok system? Applicable to everything material & wall thickness, 180 degree access, may swage over painted surfaces, universal assy tools accommodate fwd & rev' install', fittings can be attached to tubing after proper align' install',
To install the swage properly on a Rynglok what PSI is required? 8-8500
What type of compression is performed on permaswage? radial compression
What PSI is permaswage repair fittings rated at? up to 3000 PSI
What are some advantages of permaswage? lightweight, Fittings for virtually every conceivable application, permanent metal to metal contact, Easy to install, simple inspection, may be swaged more than once,
What is the operational PSI of permaswage? 3000
What PSI is needed to properly seal permaswage fittings? 10000
What tool is used to inspect permaswage fittings after install? go-no-go gauge
What type of operation is used to seal Dynatube fittings? expanding inside to outside
What is used to check for wall expansion on Dynatube fittings after installation? inside calipers
What is the dynatube swaging system compiled of? expander assembly, set ring (collar), Male/female holding dies
What type of pressure is performed during Rynglok/permalite fitting installation? axial pressure
What type of stop is used for inserting tubing into fittings? perminent stop
What TO is used for Dynatube operation? 42e1-1-1
On Dynatube what are the expanders color codes? blue- strictly aluminium, Yellow-titanium, green-steel, yellow w/green stripes-titanium or steel.
Permalite fittings have what type of composition? Epoxy fiber rings bonded to titanium rings
What are the advantages of permalite? metal to metal seal, lightweight, passes lightning strike test (spark free), fittings and tooling are interchangeable to rynglok
How do you write your name when signing off blocks in the 781A? First initial and full last name.
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