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Stack #25929

zchapter 6 digestive sys voculary

appendicitis Inflammation of the vermiform appendix
ascites abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity
borborygmus rumbling noise produced by the movement of gas through the intestines
cirrhosis chronic disease of the liver -destruction of cells
colonic polposis polps projected fro the mocous membrane of the colon
crohn disease terminal portion of the ileum, abdominal pain, ulceration, and fibrous tissue buildup
diverticular disese bulging pouches pushing thru mucous membrane
dysentery many intestinal disorders, characterized by inflammation
fistula abnormal passage from one organ to another
hematochezia bloody stool
hemorrhoid twisted varicose veins or piles
hernia protrusion into wall of cavity
inflammatory bowel disease ulceration of mucosa of the colon
irritable bowel syndrome abnormal increase in the motility of the small and large intestine
jaundice yellow- excessive bilirubin
polyp small tumor like growth
polyposis general term - polyps in the GI tract
ulcer open sore or lesion
barium enema radiography exam with contrast medium- to exam the rectom and colon
barium enema radiography exam with contrast medium-to exam the esophagus, stomoch and sm intestine
stool guaiac test for blood in stool using guaiac
extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy shock wave to brake up stones
lithotripsy non-invasive brake up of stones
nasogastric intubation tube thru the nose to the stomach
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