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MA 110 Specialist

Medical Assisting

Allergist Diagnose and treat persons with hypersensitivity to substances like drugs, chemicals, and elements of nature
anesthesiologist administers medications that alter sensation and feelings during surgery
cardiologist diagnose and treat disease of the heart and blood vessels
dermatologist diagnose and treat diseases of the skin,hair, and nails
doctor of osteopathy use their eyes and hands to identify structural problems and promote natural healing
emergency medicine work in hospital emergency rooms diagnose and treat medical crisis and accidents
endocrinologist diagnose and treat disorders of the endocrine system which regulates many body functions
gastroenterologist diagnose and treat disorders related to the stomach, intestines, and other organs
gerontologist diagnose and treat problems and diseases affecting older adults
internist giagnose and treat problems related to internal organs
neptologist study, manage and diagnose diseases of the kidney
neurologist diagnose and treat disorders and diseases of the nervous system
obstetrics study pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum
encologist identify and treat patients with cancer
ophthalmologist diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the eye
orthopedist diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of muscles and bones
otorhinolaryngogolist diagnose and treat ear, nose, and throat disorders
pathologist studies bodily changes produced by disease processes
pediatrician diagnose and treat childhood diseases
physiatrists diagnose and treat disease and disorders wih physical therapy
plastic surgen performs reconstruction, correction, and improvement of body structures
radiologist uses x-rays and radioactive substances to giagnose and treat diseases
surgeon uses their hands and instruments to diagnose, correct and treat injuries, diseases and deformities
urologist diagnose and treat diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urinary system
medical technologist perform lab tests and procedures such as examining body fluids and tissueshave a 4-year degreework in clinics, industry, hospitals, research, etc..
medical laboratory technician (MLB) perform lab tests under supervision of physicians or medical technologisthave 1 to 2 years degreeswork in hospital labs, clinics, etc
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