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European Culture

Religions and Languages of Europe

Judaism The Old Testament including the Torah is the main holy book of the religion. Important figures of the religion include Abraham and Moses. It is the oldest of the three monotheistic religions practiced in Europe.
Torah The first five books of the Old Testament (Jewish Law of Moses)
Abraham Father of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Christianity The people of this monotheistic religion read both the Old and New Testaments. Jesus is the central figure in this religion. During the Middle Ages many cathedrals were built as places of worship for this religion.
Islam This major religion of Europe is a monotheistic religion that began in Southwest Asia. The people of this religion read the Koran (Quran). Its main figure is the prophet Muhammad. They also believe in the Five Pillars of Faith.
Qur'an Islam's Holy Book
monotheistic The belief in one god.
primary This type of source comes from an eyewitness or a video recording of an event.
secondary This type of source comes from information that has been passed down via books, articles, or encyclopedias.
century A 100-year period of time.
Roman Alphabet This is the writing system developed by the Romans. It is also commonly used by many Romance and Germanic languages today.
Romance Languages These were the languages deriving from Latin, which was spoken during the Roman Empire. They include French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Indo-European This phrase means “originating from within Europe”.
Germanic Languages These were languages deriving from the early Germanic peoples of Northern and Central Europe. They include German and English.
Slavic These were languages deriving from the early Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. They include Ukrainian and Russian.
Cyrillic Alphabet This was the writing system developed by the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe, incorporating Roman and Greek characters as well as unique Slavic symbols.
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