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Tissues & Types

TypeFunction & Location
Simple Squamous Filtering fluids, diffusion; Air sacs of lungs (alveoli)
Simple Cuboidal Exchanging materials; Kidney Tubules
Simple Columnar Absorb/Secrete; Small intestine
Stratified Squamous Highly Protective; Epidermis, mouth, vagina
Pseudostratified Columnar Secretes/Propels mucous; Trachea
Transitional Stretch, change shape; Bladder
Areolar Cushion, absorbs water; Between layers, surrounding organs
Reticular Support framework;Lymph nodes, spleen
Dense regular Strong like rope/cable; Tendons, ligaments
Dense Irregular Durable, withstand stress; Dermis
Adipose Energy storage, cushion; Breast, eyes, kidneys, everywhere
Bone, Oseos Tissue Support, Protect, Blood Production; Skeleton
Blood Transport immunity; Cardiovascular system
Hyaline Cartlidge Resists friction; Ends of long bones, nose
Elastic Cartlidge Very flexible; Ear, Epiglotus
Fibro Cartlidge Absorb shock, resist compression; Discs in back
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