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SSAT Study Words II

SSAT Vocab (G through R)

garrulous Talkative and likely to chatter; loquacious, verbose
germinate To bud or sprout; grow
glee Joy, pleasure, happiness; elation
glib Able to speak profusely; having a ready flow of words; flip, fluent, verbose, smooth, smug
gregarious Fond of company; sociable, companionable, amiable, convivial
grotesque Odd or unnatural in some way; bizarre, outlandish, ugly
grovel To humble oneself, to beg; crawl
gruesome Grisly, horrible, frightful, shocking, ghastly
hallowed Regarded as holy, sacred
harbinger Omen, precursor, forerunner, messenger
harsh Stern or cruel; physically uncomfortable; unpleasant to the ear; strict, rough, severe
hasty Done quickly (often too quickly); rushed, sloppy; shoddy, careless
heed (n) Careful attention, notice, observation (v) To listen to and obey
herbivorous Feeding on plants; plant-eating
heterogeneous Not uniform; made up of different parts that remain separate (the opposite of homogeneous); mixed, unlike, diverse, dissimilar, various
hexagon Polygon having six sides
hibernate To spend the winter in a sleep-like, dormant state; sleep
hive Structure where bees live
horrid Something that causes horror, or is at least pretty bad; dreadful, horrible, shocking
hovel Small, miserable shack; shanty
humid Moist or damp; sultry
ignite (literally) To set on fire; (figuratively) to stir emotionally (as in light a fire under someone); light, kindle, inflame; rouse, excite, agitate, stir, provoke, prod, inspire
illiteracy Inability to read and write
immaculate Spotless; free from error; faultless, unblemished, impeccable
imminent About to happen, on the verge of occurring; impending, approaching, near
immortal Never-dying; undying, eternal
impasse Road having no exit or a dilemma with no solution; deadlock, standoff, stalemate, standstill
impervious Incapable of being penetrated; unable to be influenced; impenetrable
impious Lacking piety or respect for religion; irreverent, sacrilegious
imply To suggest without stating directly; hint, intimate
inadvertent Unintentional, accidental
incentive Motivation or drive to do a particular task or to go in a given direction; motive, inducement, stimulus
incredulous Not believing; skeptical, disbelieving
indicate To point out or make known with a good degree of certainty; disclose, show, reveal, imply, signify
inert Having no power to move or act; resisting motion or action; sluggish, passive, inactive, dormant, lethargic, lifeless
infectious Able to be passed from one person to another (such as an infection); contagious
ingenious Possessing or displaying great creativity and resourcefulness; brilliant, inspired, imaginative, shrewd, crafty, cunning, resourceful
ingenuity Inventive skill or cleverness; creativity, inventiveness
inhabit To reside or live in; live, occupy, reside, dwell, stay
innate Present at birth; natural, inborn, inherent, instinctive
innocent Pure, not guilty; someone with the simplicity of a baby; pure, harmless, guiltless, naive, chaste
insinuation Devious hint or sly suggestion made to cause suspicion or doubt; reference, implication
insomnia Inability to fall asleep; sleeplessness
insurgent (n) Rebel (adj) Rising in revolt, starting a revolution; rebellious
irate Full of anger, wrathful, incensed; angry, indignant, infuriated, enraged
jeer To mock in an abusive way; taunting remark; ridicule, mock, scoff; gibe, taunt
jubilant Feeling joy or happiness; exultant, gleeful, joyful, ecstatic
judicious Having wise judgment; wise, sage, sagacious
kinetic Relating to motion; animated, energetic, spirited, moving
lagoon Shallow body of water connected to a much larger one, as a lake or sea; inlet, pool
lenient Merciful, not strict; indulgent
lethargy Drowsiness, tiredness, inability to do anything much; sluggishness, fatigue
limber Bending and moving easily; agile, supple
lunge (n) Sudden forward movement, plunge; (v) To thrust something forward
magnanimous Having a great or noble spirit, acting generously, patiently, or kindly; big-hearted, generous, noble, forgiving, patient, tolerant, indulgent, ungrudging, unresentful
malleable Can be molded or shaped; soft, flexible, yielding
mar To damage something and make it imperfect; deform, impair, spoil, disfigure, damage
marvel (n) Amazing thing, something astonishing or marvelous; miracle, prodigy, wonder (v) To wonder; to ponder something amazing
meager Very small or insufficient; slight, trifling, skimpy, puny, scant, inadequate, insubstantial
meek Humble and submissive; passive, unassertive, docile, compliant
melancholy Very sad or depressing; gloomy, mournful, somber
meteorologist Scientist dealing with weather and weather conditions
mimic Imitate, copy -- not always in a complimentary way; mock, impersonate, simulate, counterfeit
minuscule Tiny, miniature; microscopic, minute
misbegotten Poorly conceived, poorly planned, based on false assumptions or false reasoning; illegitimate, ill-conceived
mourn To feel sad for, regret; lament, grieve
murky Dark, dim; obscure, gloomy
nauseous Sickening, makes you feel sick, or turns your stomach; revolting, disgusting, nauseating
nebulous Hazy, not well-defined; cloudy, ill-defined, unclear, shapeless, vague, unspecific
nimble Quick and agile in movement or thought; agile, active, quick, clever, cunning
nomad Someone who has no permanent home and wanders; wanderer, vagrant
notify To tell, let know, give notice; inform, apprise
obnoxious Offensive and very disagreeable; repugnant, repellent
obscure (v) to hide or make difficult to find; confuse, becloud (adj) hard to see; unknown, uncertain, vague, unclear, dubious
observation examination; attention, watching; remark, comment; pronouncement, opinion
obsolete No longer in use; discarded or outmoded; outdated, old-fashioned
obstinate Stubborn, mulish, dogged
obstruct To get in the way of; to block, to hamper, clog, impede
obtuse Not acute; someone who is not smart; thick, dull, slow, stupid
olfactory Relating to the sense of smell
ominous Threatening, menacing, having the character of an evil omen; foreboding
opportune Appropriate to time or circumstances; timely, lucky; appropriate
option Choice, selection, preference; alternative, election
orbit (v) To move around some object, as a planet; to circle, revolve (n) the actual route the thing takes when it goes around another thing, as in the orbit of the moon around the earth; circuit, revolution
orchid Purple (as in the flower); lavender
ostentatious Pretentious and flashy; conspicuous, flamboyant, showy
palatable Good tasting; agreeable; savory, appetizing, delicious, acceptable
paradox Contradiction, something that doesn't fit; something that shouldn't be true because it seems to offend common sense, yet it is true anyway; contradiction
passive Not active; someone who lets things happen rather than taking action himself / herself; submissive
peddle Sell (usually in an informal or old-fashioned way, such as door-to-door or on a street corner or at a carnival); hawk, vend
pedestrian (adj) Common, everyday, usual; prosaic, ordinary, plain, mundane, humdrum, trite, banal, drab, boring, unimaginative, uninspired, undistinguished, unremarkable, unexceptional (n) a person who walks instead of riding in a vehicle; walker, stroller
perjury Making deliberately false statements when under oath; falsehood, fraud, lies
persevere To continue in some course of action despite setbacks and opposition; continue, struggle, endure, persist
petrify Literally, to turn to stone; figuratively, to paralyze with fear or with surprise; shock, stun, stiffen, paralyze, fossilize
pious Religiously devout or moral; God-fearing, reverent
plagiarism Copying of someone else's work and claiming it as your own; stealing
plausible Seeming to be true; credible, believable, likely, probable, conceivable
pompous Characterized by stiff, unnatural formality; stuffy, stiff, affected, mannered, unnatural, pretentious, self-important, conceited
procrastinate To postpone; to put something off to a later time; delay, postpone, defer
profound Deep, wise, serious; sagacious
prolific Producing great amounts; fertile, productive
propel To move, make something go forward; compel, project, drive
prophesy To predict the future using divine guidance; foretell, forecast, auger
pungent Sharp, flavorful (sometimes too flavorful); peppery, hot, piquant, biting, acrid
pursue To chase, go after; trail, tail, dog, follow
quell To quiet something raucous (often a rebellion); crush, defeat, conquer; quash, overpower, overcome, quench, suppress
quench To satisfy a need or desire; extinguish, subdue, sate
rabble Large, disorderly, and easily excited mob; crowd, multitude, horde
rabid (literally) Afflicted with rabies, a disease of the nervous system that causes convulsions and wildly irrational behavior. (figuratively) Acting fanatically or madly, as if afflicted by rabies.
rancor Bad feeling, bitterness; animosity, resentment, hatred, malice, spite
random Lacking order, free from order or bias; chance, haphazard, unordered, unbiased
ransack To search thoroughly and messily; plunder, pillage, search, loot, pilfer, steal
ratify To approve formally; confirm, affirm, endorse, sanction
ravenous Wildly eager to eat; hungry, famished, starved
raze To destroy utterly; demolish, wreck, level, flatten
recluse Someone who lives far away from other people; loner, hermit
recur To return, to occur again; repeat
reek (literally) giving off a strong, offensive odor; strong smell; stink (figuratively) to be pervaded by something unpleasant
refrain To stop or avoid doing something; quit; abstain, cease, desist
regal Royal, splendid; kingly, majestic
reign Rule over, govern, dominate; prevail
reimburse To repay someone for their expenses; compensate
reinforce Strengthen, add to; support
reminiscence Memory or act of recalling the past; recollection, recall, memory, nostalgia
renowned Well-known, famous, celebrated; famed, distinguished, notable
repartee Witty conversation, retort, banter
repudiate To reject what one was once associated with; disown, reject, renounce
repugnant Something gross, repulsive or revolting; distasteful, objectionable, offensive
residue Something that remains after a part is taken; remainder, remnant, leftover
reveal Show, divulge, expose; unveil
revel Celebrate noisily, have a party; indulge, enjoy
rout Conquer, defeat and chase off; overwhelm, overcome, subdue, scatter
Created by: Karina Geneva
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